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 APRIL-MAY - 2018

As I typed the head of this column it reminded me that we are coming up on graduation of another Academy Class.  No wonder our Class News column keeps getting closer and closer to the front of the magazine.  Of course that brings to mind that as you read this we also approach our 70th reunion and I have nothing new to report from the last column.  Local luncheons, pictures to me and photographic coverage in the magazine and posted on our home page.

Graduation also brings with it our presentation of the $1000 award to the top graduate in IT.  Last week Charlie Mertz called and said due to health problems he didn’t feel comfortable standing before a group to make the presentation so I called Phil Rogers 9th Co. and as I knew he would he would he stepped up to the plate and said he would get a ride, he no longer drives, and give away the money.  We can always count on Phil.

I’ve just talked to Helga and Bob Smith 18th Co. and they both sound great.  Bob was out of action, in and out of the hospital and rehab with a broken leg and hip.  He has been home for some time now and they are both finally getting rested up.  Their outings, like most of us, consist of doctor’s appointments.  Helga says they really miss the monthly luncheons, which Judy put together.  Those luncheons, like ours here in Washington, have faded away.
          My mail of all kinds makes the strong point that collectively we are all travelling less and less.  For people who spent working lives moving from place to place and enjoying many nations Betty and I miss being able to travel at will.  We have, as do you, many very fond memories, and pictures of those experiences.  Some of us still get around pretty well, as witness my comments in a recent column of Ty and Bettye Dedman’s trip aboard the Pearl Mist with the Class of ’69 and other Alumni.

An Alumni Update from Ed Chapline 15th Co. in Jan responding to Dick Rubenstein’s passing:

It saddens me to report the passing in November of Dick Rubenstein.  He and I were 48’s sole alumni in the Kansas City area and shared many interests.

I have been spending the winters in Scottsdale, AZ where it is 76 degrees versus -5 degrees now in K.C.  Like most of us, I have movement issues, so travel by cane, walker, wheelchair and golf cart as needed.  Sally has had some osteoporosis problems so is housebound for the most part.

I follow Navy Football closely and manage 2-3 games in Annapolis a season and this year the Army Navy game, maybe I was the oldest living graduate “present”.  I also caught an away game in Tulsa.

As with all of us, many of our close friends are gone.  I talked to Paul Riley, he said I was not on the list so please put me down for the proposed 70th, hope to see you there. 

Also, next issue “my story” “Ensign meets the U.S. President,”
  Leadership lesson #one go to the top.

Scribe comment, as I said before some of us can still travel.

Some excerpts from Christmas cards and emails between Harry Belflower 2nd Co.  and Joanne Hanlon, Harry first:

Trying to take care of so many descendants at Xmas is always a problem.  We are gradually doing less and less as they are all growing older.  Today is our son’s 68th birthday.  Hard to believe.  Betty and I are hanging in there.  Almost prisoners in our house.  Neither of us can without a lot of help and assistance.  Our daughter tries to come over twice a week to help out.  Without her help we would be forced to consider an assisted care facility, something that neither of us want to consider.

Now Joanne:

You are lucky to have your daughter close enough to help.  I have a wonderful neighbor who takes me to the hospital then calls Peter.  He is a retired Army Lt Col who is from Texas and went to VMI.  Kevin has been gone almost a year and they tell you not to make any major decisions for a year so I m still here in this big house with the two dogs.  When Kevin was alive we used to say we go one day at a time and I guess that still applies.I agree about Christmas gifts.  My idea of nothing is going shopping at the mall, and I am not going to go! Walked the dogs this afternoon and it was cold and winter not here for another 10 days.   I expect it will not be a good one.  We were lucky last year.  Be happy you are in and warm.  Hope you both stay well.

Scribe’s note: the best I can say for our “winter” is that it has been strange.  Hard for me to understand some people rejecting the idea of global warming.

Tom Hayward 21st Co. checked in from Seattle with two articles on heroes from the Academy.  Both were good and I forwarded them to the Class.

Bob McClinton 11th Co. is still racing his sailboat in Sequim, WA and earning money for his local Hospice.  Hospice gains of course but the racing keeps Bob young too.

Sam Smith 14th Co. of Conway,  AR can no longer use his computer keyboard due to his Parkinson’s disease so we communicate occasionally by phone.

Those you who follow Facebook have seen that Rhona Gorder has been lauding the beauties of Escondido, CA and the friendly people there.

Warren Graham 2nd Co. and Nancy are still hanging in there.  Recent high point for them was paying off the horse farm their son manages, 26 show horses are currently boarded there.  Warren says Nancy is still teaching English as a second language and plans to continue.  She has been teaching for a long time.

Since the last issue I have learned of the passing of three Classmates and four wives.
          15th Co.  Hall, R.N.           7/4/12
          18th Co.  Flood, R.H.        1/26/18
          1st Co.    Moore, J.R.     1/25/18
Joan Hodder 12/9/17 Wife of Jim Hodder (Deceased) 15th Co. Joan and Jim had three sons.

Josephine Zelov  11/8/17  Wife of Randy Zelov (Deceased) 19th Co.  After Randy retired they settled in Bryn Mawr, PA and raised three sons.  She was known for her friendliness, enthusiasm, commitment, sincerity, courage, strength, humor, love of life and her dedication to her family.  She truly loved interacting and communicating with multiple generations.  She was an avid tennis and bridge player.

Joan Wilkie 12/4/17 Wife of John Wilkie (Deceased) 14th Co.  They had two sons and a daughter.  Joan worked for many years as an elementary school teacher.

Mildred Moore 11/16/12  Wife of J.R. Moore (deceased) 1st Co.

We’ll close with some information from Helen Orr.

Drove to San Diego area to spend Xmas with daughter, Linda and family.  Daniel was there on leave from Jacksonville where he is assigned to helicopter sea rescue training.  He enjoyed and remained in his SEAL training at Coronado until mid Hell Week when he became dehydrated and no chance to re-hydrate as was allowed previously.  He’s a bit bummed out but anxious to get on with Navy service and perhaps go for the Seal Program again once the allotted time has passed.  I’ve sold my house and I’m moved in to Fountain View Village in Fountain Hills with two large storage bins full of stuff to still go through—but it’s all here where I can get at it without having to travel back  and forth from the house as I have the past two years.