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AUGUST - 2017

As I look through my Class “records” it seems to me that we have now pretty well sorted ourselves out as to how we proceed through our 90s.  Many of us have chosen to cast our lots with retirement homes/assisted living/continuing care while the rest of us are still holding firm to our desires to remain in our own homes.  Those of you who check in from retirement home are absolutely convinced that you have made the correct decision and offer comments about meals, social interaction, scheduled activities, transportation, immediate availability of medical attention and so on.  Warren and Nancy Graham are quite content with their decision to make the move.  In their case it placed them nearer their children and they point out the support they have gotten for Nancy’s recent problems and Warren’s most recent fall.

Betty and Harry Belflower 2nd Co., like me and my Betty, are still in their home and laud the attention they receive from their children quote “our daughter and her husband do all the chores and even cook casseroles and such so we won’t starve .  Fortunately, we have wonderful neighbors and they can be quite helpful when needed”.  Harry and Betty have the same problems most of us have, ambulation.  Harry says he has pretty much used up his allotment of leg strength/support /stability and both he and Betty get around with walkers.  My Betty depends on a walker but is trying to get away from it with exercise to build up her strength. So far I ambulate on my own and hope to continue that way for a while yet. I would really appreciate some input from the field on this subject.

As a group we are also at that point where we must give serious consideration to visits with aging siblings and friends.  An email from Mary Daley highlights this:

“Made a three days visit to brother, Bob & wife, Sue, in Louisville, KY.  Made the trip to say goodbye to Bob, he is 82 and in very poor health.  Given my ancient age, I know neither of us would be here for very long.  Bob and Sue have 4 boys and all gathered  to be there—what a marvelous visit, laughed a lot, ate great food and loved all of the time together.  I couldn’t have done this without my daughter, Jane, who agreed to join me.  She helped every step of the way; there at my elbow to make sure I didn’t fall.  Lucky me-Mary D”

Of course that raises the question ‘are we able to travel?”  Each time I think we are approaching the “shut in” condition I get a call, email or note like I just received from Grace Harkins telling me she is off to England with a church group to visit cathedrals, Buckingham Palace and the Queen’s Gallery.

Then I got a call from Dotty Shockey telling me that Dan has been home from the Nursing home since Aug., is doing well and that she has scheduled them to take an Alaskan cruise.  They will be home by the time you read this.  By the way if any of you can still enjoy travel and haven’t taken an Alaskan cruise I very highly recommend it.  One of the best Betty and I have taken.

This has been a bad month for losses.  I have received word of loss of nine Classmates and two wives.
          2nd Co.  Carlson, D.E.                     5/23/17
          5th Co.   Clark, W.E.                       5/27 or 28?
          4th Co.   Errington, R.E.                   5/3/17 #
          22nd Co. Hall, D.B.                         5/19/17  *
          18th Co.  Jackson, F.D.                    5/20/17 *
          21st Co.  Riggs, G.W.                       5/20/17
          2nd Co.    Terrass, M.S.                   5/9/17 * #
          7th Co.    Walker, W.H. III               3/10/17 #
          21st Co.  Ward, J.F. II                      4/2/15 *
                 *  Bio in 30 Yr. book; # bio in 50 Yr. book
Baughman, M.W. (Nan) 5/20/17, wife of Fred Baughman (deceased) 9th Co.   Nan and Fred raised six children, 2 boys and 4 girls among which are several teachers, an ICU nurse, a lawyer and a Navy CAPT.  Nan had multiple operations on her back trying to obliterate the scar tissue from the first, botched operation.  She was stuck in a wheel chair and experiencing pain for which much was tried to no avail.  She finally decided ENOUGH, got out of the wheel chair, started water aerobics, bought a horse and took riding lessons.  About a year ago she was diagnosed with melanoma, had a lengthy operation, which was declared successful; however, a year latter the cancer was back and had metastasized throughout her body.  She was given three months.  After careful consideration and discussion with the family she decided no chemo or radiation and said she would just live what life she had left to the fullest which she absolutely did .  She will be buried with Fred at the Academy.

Riggs, Selma Helene   7/31/16  wife of Guy Riggs (deceased) 21st Co.  Selma had a graduate degree in nursing and was serving as a visiting nurse when she met and married Guy.  They raised seven children then she resumed her nursing career working at Matteawan State Hospital.  She was very active in civic affairs.  She and Guy enjoyed dancing with the Boots and Bows Square Dancing club where Guy was a Caller.

       The 48ers in Annapolis try to get together once a month for lunch.  This is the last picture of the gathering I have received.    If you plan to be in town contact Judy Flood for she has been the motivating force and can tell you when and where.

, Helga Smith, Judy Flood, Bob Flood, Amante Carlquist, Roger Carlquist, JoAnne Hanlon, Bob Smith