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Back in Aug. I asked for help with this issue and I also ask for comments on the possible 70th reunion.  My request generated some good responses and I share them with you herewith.

From Cab Davis 17th Co.:  

Unfortunately my neuropathy has me pretty well confined to my Vienna area, and so can’t even go to luncheons at Army/Navy Club so I know that two years from now we will not be attending a 7O th reunion.  For those who can it would be a great asset for our class to have one so just maybe enough will bite the bullet and join in the fun!  I joined the rest of you in July by turning 90.  My family came here to celebrate and take us for a great dinner at a restaurant close by in Vienna.  My sister from California and sons and grands and great grands ranging from Calif. to Maine and Michigan to Texas and Georgia came!  It was so great to see them and for them to see each other!  Otherwise a very quiet summer.  I’m reading “A Man Called Ove’.  Just started and am enjoying it.

Scribe’s note:  Cab, you are indeed blessed to have your family gather like that, particularly when they are so spread out.  Welcome to the 90’s.

From Mary Daley: 

Four years after Brad died, I was invited to come live with our daughter, Jane and her husband, Bob, and their children here in Ft. Worth.  They have seven children, three of whom are married with children of their own (also here in Ft. W.)  One son in Hawaii, the remaining three are here at home, with two in college and one still in high school.

So, I have my own room, with computer, TV etc – I knit, play computer games, read (a lot) and once a week volunteer teaching adults to read.  Our other four children are well except for son, Bill, whose memory is failing and shows signs of following his father into Alzheimer’s.  Our first, Lee, flying from Spartanburg to Seattle to help Bill move here to Ft.W. so can be near family.

My health is good-still driving, etc.  I love being around so many of our grandchildren AND great grandchildren.

Use what you can-give my best love to all of those who are still above ground and breathing.

From Alice & Tom O’Connor 19th Co. :

Alice and I were at USNA for I-Day on June 30th to witness the induction of grandson Nicholas Elder from Roanoke, VA with his parents, our daughter Diane and son-in-law Alan.  Consider the fact that “Nic” represents a third generation O’Connor to enter USNA: Tom ’48 (supply), son Tom jr. ’75 (submarines), son Larry ’83 (NFO/EA6B), grandson Peyton Walsh ’15 (Marines), grandson Bradley Elder ’15 (Navy Seals), and now grandson Nicholas, class of 2020.  Nic starts his navy career as a recruited baseball player with some outstanding academic and baseball pitcher credentials.  Needless to say, Alice and I are very proud and happy grandparents!

Scribe’s note:  Tom also sent two excellent pictures which I am saving for a future column because I’m still having a problem with scanning from my “new” printer.

A short note from John Edelson, Burt’s son, telling me that Betty had passed on and that Burt was awarded posthumously the Arthur C. Clarke lifetime achievement award in the spring of 2015. John was asked to do a short video acceptance speech which you can see at

Harry Belflower 2nd Co. commented to Augie Augenblick 20th Co.  about a picture of a Rolls-Royce:

I remember the first family car that my father bought.  It was a 1928 Dodge 4-door sedan.  Running boards, spare tire on the rear, the whole works.  We used to make trips to his ancestral home in central Georgia several times a year.  Slid off the clay road in rain the and got the nearby farmer and a team of horses to pull the car out.  Mama, my little sister and I sat under a tree and watched the whole operation.  The road had a steep crown and the car slipped from one side and ditch to the other several times before daddy was able to get it stopped on the top.

Scribe’s note:  Our generation is approaching being the last which will have direct experiences like this.

From Boyd Sibert 9th Co: 

Ann and I are vertical and ventilating.  Can’t be all bad.  I spent 40 years in the securities industry after getting my MBA from Harvard.  The best 25 years were with Legg Mason, all in Washington, DC.  I retired in 1968 and bought a winter condo in Naples, Florida, where we began to snow bird for six months.  In 2008 we realized a retirement community would be a prudent move.  We sold our North and South apartments so now only have one residence.  Smartest move ever made.  We missed the last reunion because I had an aortic valve replacement which was successful.  Cannot play golf anymore because of arthritis, but go to the gym every other day for cardio exercises.  I play bridge four times a week.  We see Deb and Don Harvey each year as they are only two hours away in Sarasota.  If there is another reunion I would try to make it just to tell war stories to the others.

From Ty Dedman 13th Co:

On a Class reunion, we vote “YES”, but hope the plans can be greatly simplified.  Probably best to limit it to a two night affair, with one meal together, and one for company or other small groups.  A chapel service would be nice, with a chance for Sharon Moffett to say a few words.

From Grace Harkins: 

Yes to a 70th for all who are able to attend.  I think two nights would be better than three since many will have other family along who might not be able to devote more time “off” to the trip to Annapolis of course.  We can do it!  I still haven’t had a trip or vacation but keep busy at my vol. projects.  The garden has had a hard summer in the heat and I must say it does slow me down too.  Would love to have the interior of the house painted but the thoughts of taking down pix, etc. and then replacing and cleaning everything is over the top.  Will just have people come at dusk when one can use candle to cover up things not up to snuff….

Scribe’s note:  Let’s take a break here and cover the obits, Classmates (four graduates, two non-grads) and two wives.

          8th. Co.  Lewis, W.S.               8/26/16
          18th Co. Dawson, T.E.             6/26/16 #
           9th Co.  Erickson, P.W.           6/13/16
           6th Co.  Whelan, D.W.            9/14/16
            NG       Corkum, R.W.           9/23/16
            NG       Woolsey, J.M.           8/27/16
                        # bio in 50 yr. book

Helene, Alt  8/27/16,  Wife of Walt Alt (Deceased) 2nd Co..  Helene and Walt raised two children, a boy and a girl and were very active in the Austin Symphony, Opera, Ballet and many other civic activities.

Manganaro, Carol 9/6/16, Wife of Frank Manganaro (Deceased)12th Co.  Carol and Frank raised six children, 3 boys, 3 girls.  Carol was an especially accomplished seamstress.  She also loved to sing and found a choral group wherever she lived.  Several of Frank and Carol’s children and grandchildren followed Frank’s lead to USNA.

We send our condolences to each family.

From Dick Clas 13th Co.:  

I am 91 and can still see, hear, and drive.  I would really appreciate attending a 70th reunion; it would be so great to see Chick Rauch 6th Co. and  Phil Rogers 9th Co. my plebe roommates and three years with Casey Taylor 13th Co.  Let’s keep us all in our prayers that we can make it in 2018.

From Rhona Gorder: 

Yes, Chuck and I wouldn’t miss the 70th reunion.  I thought there was some talk about tagging on some events to the Navy/Notre Dame game that’s going to be held in San Diego in July, in July, I think 2018.  Of course, that would be good for us.  But, we love coming back to Annapolis and would attend if that’s what is arranged.

We have made two cruises in 2016.  In January we visited the Caribbean for the umpteenth time and have decided that we don’t need to cruise that area any more.  More recently we returned from a week’s cruise through the inside Passage in Alaska.  We flew into Seattle two days ahead of the cruise and had time for lunch atop the Seattle Space Needle.  We happened to pick a picture perfect clear day when you could see forever and spent a wonderful two hours over lunch enjoying the beautiful Seattle scenery from a bird’s eye view.  Then we boarded the Royal Caribbean Explorer of the Seas for a week’s cruise.  As you know, we’ve made many cruises now and this Alaskan cruise was one of the best.  Rhona’s son, Ash, joined us and helped keep Chuck in line.  We have another “easy” cruise planned for January 2017 when we cruise round trip from San Diego down to the Mexican Riviera for a week.

The big news is that the Gorders are selling their home of almost 20 years and moving to a ranch style home that’s all one level and has a couple of extra bedrooms.  The new home is better for Chuck to keep “aging in place” and in the long run, better for Rhona too as our current home is tri-level.  We are about to enter Escrow on the new home and we will send the updated address as soon as we have the keys!  We expect to move by the middle of October.

Scribe’s note, Chuck and Rhona sure do stay on the move don’t they.

From Tom Galbraith 21st. Co.:

Here’s a note from Fernandina Beach (Amelia Island) Florida.  Mary Ann and I have been here for a little over a year now, in a small retirement community called Osprey Village.  We finally gave up on all the chores that accompany private home ownership and are very happy in our “cottage” here.  There is lots to do, plenty of good neighbors ranging in age from the upper seventies to the mid-nineties although one neat guy conked out last year at 101.  Not many military here-one rear admiral (not USNA), a West Pointer, and several men who served a few years in the Marine Corps.  As for a 70th reunion, I’m all for it.  As long as Mary Ann and I are still moving under our own power, we’ll be there.

From Frank Boushee 8th Co. 

I don’t have any news that the class would be interested in learning or reading.  The living is easy down here in “Heaven’s Waiting Room”.  Living near NAS Jacksonville is nice.  In Wilmington, NC, it was a fifty mile trip to New River, MCAS.  Pretty well took up most of the day to shop up there.  The result was one or two trips per year.  NAS Jacksonville is a very active air station.  P-8’s, some helo sqdns and the P-3s that are being given to foreign forces.  The Navy Exchange and Commissary buildings have both gotten extensive work.  Brand new Commissary is due to open in a few weeks.  Old wooden BOQ is completely gone.  Nothing but green grass on the site.  Only tennis courts were saved.  Extensive runway work has been completed.  I vote for 70th at USNA.

A note from Bob Milholland 21st Co. to Tom Galbraith: 

I have you placed somewhere in FL?  Your email caused me to review the old 21st.  With Perry gone I guess we are the Seattle WA contingent left.  You sent me a condolence in 2007 when Louise passed away.  Angus McDonald (subs-non 21st), Tom Hayward 21st Co. and I plus wives used to get together quite a bit but with Mavis and Louise gone and Peggy unwell that came to a halt except for an occasional email  I hang out on Lake Washington down by the Renton airport.  My two daughters both have places on the lake and they still put up with me.  I do a lot but accomplish little, at least nothing harmful-just watch the incredible onslaught of current events.

Scribe Note:  Since this is Nov-Dec   MERRY CHRISTMAS