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Let’s start with birthdays.  There will be 45 in Mar./Apr.  Two will celebrate reaching 88, twenty one make it to 89, nine to 90, eight to 91 and Dean Taylor 16th Co., Ken Niland 6th Co., Charles Kelly 24th Co. and Ed Duncan 14th Co. will join John Pesavento 2nd Co. who was noted at 92 in the last column.  To each of the 45, HAPPY BIRTHDAY.  

At the end of the Nov/Dec. column I suggested that folks take and send pictures to me to help me make up a column.  Four of you have done so and herewith I present them.  If this goes well perhaps some of the rest of you will get aboard.

Rhona Gorder sent the first picture with the following note.  We went to a local sports bar for the game with a gathering of about 300 people.  This was organized by the local San Diego USNA alumni association.  Chuck is pictured here with Emily Strong Class of ‘14 who was the youngest alum present.  Chuck of course was the oldest alum present.  Chuck was given the painting, which depicts the two Poinsettia Bowl teams.  Note that Emily and Chuck are both wearing the same shirts, which really pleased Emily.  The happy ending is that Emily and her mom were walking around trying to find a sports bar where they could watch the game and they came across our crazy party!  Divine intervention I’d say.

Harry Belflower 2nd Co. sent two pictures, one of himself and one of both him and Betty.  I chose the latter.  Harry commented that “the pictures are a year old but about the best that I can do for now.  I tried a selfie and just don’t have the knack.  The photo looks like something taken at the crazy house at the fair”.

Bing Sisson 15th Co. sent the third picture of himself, Anne-Marie and their youngest grandchild, 6 years old.  Leif is his name.

Carol Manganaro sent the fourth picture which is of Carol, her granddaughter Katherine Rodrock and her friend Derek Moore both mid’n 2/c.  The picture was taken at Ginger Cove.  Carol commented, “It was a great treat for me to have them visiting for the evening.  Next morning they both had to be on a bus at 6:15 on the way to the Army-Navy game.  Carol says Ginger Cove is the right place for her at this time”.  She has family near by, daughter Linda and husband Jim live in Annapolis, daughter Sue and husband live less than an hour away.   Scribe’s note:  You are indeed fortunate Carol.  At this stage in our lives we should all be so blessed.


Since the last column we have lost two Classmates and one wife:
          1st Co. Sizer, J.B.  *           12/25/14
          13th Co. Vinsel, J.E.           11/26/14

  • 50 Year Book

Betty Wise Boushee       12/18/14 wife of Frank
Boushee 8th Co.   Betty attended Mary Washington College where she was editor of the year book and listed in “Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities.” She then taught third grade in the Norfolk public school system until she and Frank were married in 1955.  She was a volunteer with the Navy Marine Corps Relief Society.  She took naturally to her role as a mentor to enlisted and officers’ wives and could hold her own with everyone, from the most junior sailor to Flag Officers, Ambassadors, and Chief Executive Officers.  She and Frank moved fifteen times and she adjusted readily to each new abode and always found the “good” in every place they lived.  She devoted her life to faith, family, and friends. (See Frank’s bio. in the 30 Year Book)

Short on words this time but the pictures do make a nice column.  Let’s see if we can achieve a balance between words and pictures.