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A letter from Charlie Heid 17th Co. on 10 July ’13 reads as follows:

My sincere apologies for not getting the “word” to all ’48 persons—with reference to the planned ceremony when construction and out-fitting of the galley was complete at Baldomero Lopez Hall.  I find that I sometimes will miss a dated appointment so maybe I can blame it on old age.

Our son, Dave Heid (a GS 13 civilian at Quantico in charge of on-station construction—drove up to our home in Edgewater in the early morning of the new facilities’ dedication—wild ride down US 1-but we made it OK.

Great ceremony with Gen. Amos giving a sterling speech to the assembled to-be young lieutenants.  All people in schools came to the celebration in the Hall.  Good show!

Food was great at luncheon in the new Hawkins Room—Lots of camaraderie followed.

Charlie outlined the day:

On June 27th, the Marine Corps Basic School at Camp Barrett, Quantico, VA received a newly constructed dining facility, which was dedicated to the memory of Medal of Honor recipient, the late 1st Lieutenant Baldomero Lopez, USMC.

Graduated USNA with the Class of 1948 in June 1947.
In September 1950, after scaling a South Korean seawall at Inchon, Lt. Lopez was hit by gunfire while attempting to throw a grenade.  He dropped the grenade and fell to the ground.  Due to his injuries, Lopez couldn’t grasp the grenade to throw it again.  Instead, Lopez chose to absorb the blast himself, protecting his men.  1st Lieutenant Lopez received the Medal of Honor for his actions.

Scribe’s note:  If you wish to see the actual citation go to Google and type in Medal of Honor then follow the obvious pathway.  The above is close to the whole citation.  You can also read the citation for R.D. Reem, our other MOH winner.

The day, 27 June, 2013, came early for Marguerite and myself when our son Dave Heid arrived at our doorstep in early (6 a.m.) morning to drive us to Camp Barrett at Quantico, VA.  The purpose was to view the dedication ceremony of the “1st Lieutenant Baldomero Lopez Hall” at the Basic School, Quantico, VA.  The dedication commenced at 2 p.m. in the new dining area of Lopez Hall, Camp Barrett.

General James F. Amos, Commandant of the United States Marine Corps challenged young officers to great heights while in their chosen service.

A reception followed in the New Hawkins Room of the 1st Lieutenant Baldomero Lopez Hall.

Thank you Charlie

In the following I am following in the footsteps of at least one other Class secretary.   Since Last Call does not print obits for wives, nor should it, and since Shipmate is how we keep track of our Class families I will start with this issue to not only note their passing but will include a very short obit if the family wishes to write and send it to me.  On the 23rd of July I received an email from Janie Hart, one of Zeb Alford’s daughters.  She said Margaret (Zeb’s first wife and her mother) had requested “that I put news of her death in the Shipmate magazine, to which she subscribed.  She said it was how she had kept up with so many of their old friends and the only way that many of them would know she had died.”  I asked Janie to write a short obit and it follows, shortened a bit more by me.

Margaret Lewis Alford died on June 8, 2013 at her home in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Margaret was born Nov. 9, 1926 in Chattanooga, TN.  After being educated at the Brooke Hill School for Girls in Birmingham Alabama, Margaret attended Mary Washington College of women in Fredericksburg, VA.  On March 20, 1948 she married Zeb Alford.  They were married for 35 years and raised four girls, Patti, Peggy, Janie and Katie.  She is survived by the four girls, three sons-in-law and two grandchildren.  You can see Margaret’s full obit at .

Change in pace, our newest Class scholar is Nicole Pick ’17.  Nicole writes:

I would like to thank the USNA Class of 1948 for giving me the opportunity to attend the United States Naval Academy.  Through your generous scholarship assistance, I was able to attend preparatory school and fulfill my dream of attending the Naval Academy.

I had a wonderful experience at Northwestern Preparatory School and now feel much better prepared for the Academy.  From strengthening my academic and physical abilities to learning more about military careers through the many guest speakers, I greatly value the time I spent there and feel very prepared as I enter the Naval Academy.

Once again thank you very much for your support.  I appreciate the opportunity that the Class of 1948 has given me as part of the Foundation Program and I am honored to be a part of the United States Naval Academy Class of 2017.

Now let’s really change subjects.  I’ve already told you some of the things people have done since the reunion.  Gene Mulligan 1st Co. wrote to thank the reunion committee for all it’s work then added:

Life will take an adventurous turn for me later in June, when I’ll fly to Tel Aviv to join twelve others in an 8-day educational and support tour for my denomination’s ‘UUs for Justice in the Middle East.  We will visit with peace-oriented groups on both sides of the green line but primarily in the West Bank.  Back by the Fourth of July.

Hope you had good, productive trip Gene.

Last issue I told you about Angus McDonald’s 7th  Co. adventures after the reunion.  Just to prove he doesn’t sit on his hands here is his latest effort.  Classmates with email addresses have already seen this but the rest of you will enjoy it.  In a snail mail Angus says

Enclosed please find photographs taken after my successful 13000-foot Skydive last Sunday the 7th of July.  My granddaughter Kristin McDonald, her friend Brian Jepson and I did our Skydives at the airfield in Snohomish, Washington on a beautiful summer day.  It was an exhilarating experience.”  Scribe’s note: this was a first jump for each of them and they all emulated Pres. Bush by going tandem, strapped to an instructor who pulled the ripcord and handled the landing.

Good on you Angus.   (see picture below).


When Andy Frahler was buried on 28 May at Arlington his family gathered around.  A letter from Claire says:

Our four married grown children and their children (ten) along with the three great grandchildren gathered at Arlington for Andy’s burial.  Don, our oldest, is USNA Class of ’72.  Ron, our youngest, left a baseball on the casket in memory of his dad’s Navy days.
The military really knows how to honor their own.  A navy band played The Navy Hymn and another group gave the gun salute.  It was most impressive.

Claire in front, then left to right Marybeth Frahler Culbreth, CAPT Don Frahler, Ron Frahler, Andrea Frahler Shupert.   

Scribe’s note:  Andy was in the 13th Co.  If you have a 50 year book read his excellent autobio.

Since the last column I have learned of our following losses:
                   6th Co.     Suttill, F.T.        11/1982
                   17th Co.  Settle, H.T.         6/15/13
                   10th Co.   Johnson, H.B.    6/4/13 *
                   6th Co.    Wise, R.S.           7/16/13
                   13th Co.  Garner, A.S.        7/26/13
                    18th Co.  Dempsey, R.T.   7/26/13         
                   Barbara Settle                  5/3/09
                   Margaret Alford               6/8/13
                  Betty Smith (wife of R.P. Smith) 10/20/06  
*see bio in 50 year book

Our condolences to each family.  The Class family will miss them too.                                                           
A note from Cab Davis regarding Dick Dempsey:

Dick was my plebe summer roommate and right after graduation in June ’47 he became my brother-in-law when he married Barbara, Libby’s sister.  As you know Barbara passed away in 08, Dick Jr. moved into Dick’s house and has been there since.  We suspected this might happen due to the few phone conversations we have had with him. “  The family moved Dick to an exclusively Alzheimer’s care facility in Houston, private room and bath.

Scribe’s note:  At this point I received a call telling me that Dick had passed away in his sleep on 26 July 2013.  His service was in El Paso on 7/31/13.

Roger Carlquist and Phil Rogers tell me the reunion is now officially history.  All bills have been paid.

In the same vein, our endowment fund, as of May 1st, the latest available data, stands at $2,045,125 so it is holding it’s own.  Our operating fund, for reunions and miscellaneous expenses stands at $11,252.99 as of July 17, 2013.   Our memorial/flower fund currently has  $9,129.31.

Finally from Hart Stringfellow:

Upon returning from the reunion, I called Bill Sawyer 1st Co. to see if he was still alive, and he reported that he was still with us, but that his wife, Sheila, has some serious medical probs.   I believe I have told you that J.R. Moore is still alive but is very depressed since losing his wife.  I’ll try to keep you up to date for my health is pretty good and I have a new lady friend who is determined to keep me alive a little longer. 

Scribe’s note:  hope she is successful.

Next column is due the end of Sept.     Dave