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                                           STEWARDSHIP - 2012                                                

I’m starting to assemble this column on Fri. 24, Feb.  Since I don’t have much input from you faithful readers I’ll try to put something together using some pictures sent to me by Rhona Gorder along with her write up on the Jan. cruise. 
          So let’s get with Rhona’s report on the most recent cruise.

Crystal Cruises lived up to its reputation of exceptional customer service as a small group of classmates cruised on CRYSTAL SYMPHONY.  The cruise was titled Between Two Seas.  We left Long Beach, CA on January 4th stopping in Cabo San Lucas, Costa Rica, cruised the Panama Canal, and visited Columbia all with incredibly calm and smooth seas and glorious weather.  We missed disembarking in the Grand Caymans as the weather became too windy, but all was forgiven when the Captain authorized free cocktails for guests that evening!  Classmates cruising were Bill Kanzler 11th Co. and Marcia Adams, Muriel and Bill Pierson 10th Co., Marilyn and Mike Rose 22nd Co., Ann and Boyd Sibert 9th Co., Walt Spangenberg 2nd Co. and Sonia Kazanjian, Rhona and Chuck Gorder 12th Co.  Both Ann Sibert and Mike Rose celebrated birthdays on the cruise and were treated to bottles of champagne, birthday breakfasts and other treats by the crew.  Crystal also hosted a lovely private reception for the Class with hors d’oeuvres and cocktails.  The ship’s band played Anchors Away and Navy Blue and Gold, the captain and other officers stopped by to say Hi, and fun was had by all.  As always, on the last evening aboard, the classmates sang Navy Blue and Gold again and also The Goat is Old and Gnarly.  Bill Pierson remembers the words to any song you want to sing and makes the time special by leading the singing.  The pictures show Boyd and Ann waving from the weather deck, Marilyn and Mike standing at the rail.  We made port in Miami on Jan. 17th. 

Scribe’s Note: By the time you read this John will have posted more cruise pictures on our IT Wardroom.
Once again for you cruise aficionados Rhona and Chuck are planning another January cruise in 2013 this time aboard CRYSTAL SERENITY titled Connoisseur’s Caribbean.   Fourteen days from Miami to Miami.  Watch your emails or call Chuck and Rhona at (619) 546-4808.  If you plan to take only one trip in 2013 both the Gorders and your scribe strongly recommend that you make it the 65th Reunion in Annapolis.

This has been a very lean period for inputs from you readers so I’m asking you to give some thought to sending me email or snail mail items.  Several times in the past I have encouraged our distaff side to step up to the plate and give me their thoughts on being a service wife.  Dick Robertson picked up on my request and sent me his wife Tut’s, presentation to a wives luncheon group.  I could not accommodate the whole talk in a column so I asked John Tsiknas to post it on our IT Wardroom.  If you have a computer it is at HTTP:// and I recommend you read it.  I really would like to have some inputs from the wives so please get on the computer or take pen in hand. 

Speaking of wives, we are truly unique in today’s society for many of our marriages have lasted a very long time.  Betty and I will observe our 65th anniversary on June 7th upcoming.  Perhaps there are a few who were married on the 6th and I ask that you identify yourselves to me.  Anyway our long marriages should certainly provide some matrimonial (vice sea) stories.  I would particularly like the wives’ inputs but you guys are welcome to get aboard also.  Maybe some of you widows/widowers would like to provide some fond memories.

In addition to our Class luncheons here in the Washington/Annapolis area Betty and I usually get together for lunch once a month with Rosemary Hogg, and Sally and Hal Deeley 9th Co.  Hal was best man at our wedding. (Quick math-that means we have known each other for 67 years).  Both Hal and Sally have some problem with locomotion, Hal must rely on a wheel chair powered by his son Joe and Sally uses a walker but they are not deterred from making it to our lunches.  The picture was taken at a recent gathering at one of our favorite Chinese restaurants.  From left to right- me, Sally, Hal, Rosemary and Betty.  Joe took the picture.

A note from Paul Riley 13th Co., If you are hard up for class news I will contribute minor stuff as follows: 

Evelyn and I journeyed to Pawley’s Island, SC, in mid-December for a reunion with her family.  While there Frank and Betty-Wise Boushee came down from their home in Wilmington to meet us in Myrtle Beach for a meal at a seaside restaurant.  Frank and I go back a ways to flying AF’s and I was in their wedding party about 1953.  We had last seen them for lunch two years ago when we drove by their very nice home, (famous for a gigantic fig tree).  Readers of that book of mine, “Near Misses, etc.” might possibly be interested in amplifying information about the fatal crash I began the book with which killed my small playmate and his sister in 1929.  My oldest son, Miles (USNA ’86), discovered a description (with photo) of the accident on the Internet.  Unbelievable, it omitted mention of the fatalities.  I was able to contact the site monitor and fill in the missing details.  The site is if anyone cares to look.   

Scribes note:  I just checked to see if the site is still up, it is and from it’s format I believe it will stay there for a long time.

It has only been 30 days since I submitted the last column. and fortunately we’ve only lost two more friends during this period.  Shipmate Last Call also listed a loss of which I was not aware.  We shall miss each of them and send our condolences to their families.
          3rd. Co.  Myrik, J.E.                              1/25/12
          1st Co.   Harris, R.B.                             2/18/12
          18th Co.   Rogers, E.B., Jr.                    10/25/11

My data now indicates that there are still 356 graduates and 126 non-graduates on this side of the grass.  The graduate numbers are probably close to being right.  I can’t say for the non-grads.

You will probably be reading this sometime in April so we will be 14 months away from our 65th reunion.  Roger Carlquist tells me many of you have indicated you will attend if you are still upright and moving.  At this time in our lives I guess that applies to all of us so think positive.  Note that in the Jan.-Feb. Shipmate the Class of ’42 reports that at their 70th reunion 123 sat down for the banquet and over forty were on hand for the crab feast on Tuesday.  We should be able to do as well.  If you haven’t told Roger that you will be there at our 65th please give it careful consideration and tell him you will, then call the Sheraton at 410-266-3131 and make your reservation.

My next deadline after you read this will be for the July-August issue on 5/29/12 so please take to heart my plea above.

I hope you are having a great spring and summer to follow.