Dave Carruth's 2006 Russia Trip
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On Sept 3rd Betty and I returned from 2 weeks in Russia.  This was our 6th tour with the Alumni Assoc. which is managed by Bobbi Collins.  It was our fifth tour in which AHI was the tour director and we like them so much we try to go with them when we travel.  I thought some of you might like an input for future planning. 

            All of you probably saw the brochure titled Cruise the Passage of Peter the Great, a boat trip from St. Petersburg to Moscow.  We particularly like river cruises because we can unpack once.  We learned a lot, saw a lot and got a lot of exercise.  This particular cruise was pretty intense and they kept us on the go.  In St Petersburg we visited the Peter and Paul Fortress, St. Isaac’s Cathedral, and the Hermitage Museum and attended a performance of the ballet “Giselle “ in the Hermitage Theatre.  The performance was very good and the theatre very interesting.  The tourist hoard was very evident throughout the tour but particularly so in the Museum.  We have since learned from talking to Warren Graham that a better month to tour, at least in Russia, is May.  He and Nancy had the Museum to themselves.  The next day we toured Peterhof, the summer palace of Peter the Great.

            Underway for Moscow aboard the M/S REPIN via the Neva River, Ladoga Lake, Svir River, Onega Lake, Kovsha River, Beloye Lake, Sheksna River, Rybinsk Reservoir, Uglich Reservoir, Moscow Canal, and Moscow River.  We stopped at Mandrogi, Kizhi, Goritsy, Yaroslavl, Uglich and finally Moscow.  We had walking tours in most of the stops, sometimes a bus took us to where we started walking, good guides at every stop.

We visited a lot of churches/cathedrals and spent some time at Star City, the cosmonaut training center.

            The M/S REPIN was comfortable and the food was adequate compared to what we were served on river trips in Germany, France, Holland, and Switzerland. 

            With all the security checks our trip home took 21 ½ hours.  Needless to say we were beat.  Overall we consider it a very good trip.  If you have questions email me.  Dave

0847                     Betty at The Savior of the Blood in St. Petersburg and yes it rained a lot
0878                                                              Peterhof Gardens
0882                                          You always pay to use the 'head"
0912                                    Church of the Transfiguration on Kizhi Island
0923                             Our "cabin" very small but you don't spend much time here
0932                                                Elijah the Prophet at Yaroslavi
0934                                               Interior of Elijah the Prophet
0972                                                    Moscow subway
0974                                                         Moscow subway
0985                                                    Training mockup of Soyuz
0987                                                Training mockup of MIR
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