Harry Belflower, 2nd Co., has submitted the following photos of the Sovereign of the Seas, a model that he is building. He has been working on it for 4 years so far. Harry writes, “it began as a kit but I have replaced a lot of the materials and researched the ship and modified the model to more closely represent the original. The rigging plan was developed by a friend (alumnus) who also volunteers at the academy museum. He possesses an experts knowledge of ship’s rigging in the 17th century. The “real” background are the curtained windows in our kitchen and the model was sitting on the table only for photo purposes. The Sovereign of the Seas is the eighth old wooden ship model that I have constructed since I decided not to go to work anymore. I will probably be working on this model for at least one more year.”

001                                              Sovereign of the Seas
002                                        Sovereign of the Seas
003                                      Sovereign of the Seas
004                         Sovereign of the Seas - Port Quarter Decorations
005                                Sovereign of the Seas - Starboard
006                                             Sovereign of the Seas -Starboard Bow
007                                        Sovereign of the Seas -seats of ease
008                      Sovereign of the Seas - stern decorations
009                          Sovereign of the Seas
010                                                   Sovereign of the Seas