The Winter of ‘Sixty’



                                    We were the “Baby Boomers” of World War I,


                                    The “Hoover Years” had only just begun,


                                    We experienced the depth of the “Great Depression”


                                    The Big Band era and the Conga line were our expression.



                                    FDR and the New Deal were to save the day,


                                    Hitler and the Japanese had something else to say.


                                    The Draft Board sent us a letter that said, “1-A”.


                                    To save our country meant joining the fray.



                                    It was the summer of “Forty-Four”.


                                    We came from the forty-eight states and more,


                                    We took an oath in “Mem Hall” by the Bay.


                                    We formed a bond that would last to this day.



                                    Our springs and summers are no more


                                    Now fall is here with winter at the fore.




                                                            Harry Belflower

                                                            2ND Co., 1948


                                                            17 July 2006