Richard W. Bates Grandson - Patrick

If you have room I’d like to update you all on the activities of CAPT. R.W. Bates’ (1948B) grandson; Patrick W. Bates. [R.W Bates is deceased - editor's note]

Patrick is now in his third year at Virginia Tech as a full scholarship NROTC Midshipman and is his company’s MIDN/CPO .  This year, he was also selected to be on the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets Cadre to train the incoming freshman in Band Company.  Attached are two photos.  The first one (no cover) is from is 2008 (Freshman Cruise), the second (with cover) is from his Sophomore cruise in the Med aboard USS Anzio.

 Thank you!

 Richard L. Bates
Vice President, Operations

Patrick on Freshman Cruise
Patrick on Sophmore Cruise