Washington Area Lunch - September 11, 2015
Report and pictures were submitted by Dave Carruth

We had a good luncheon last Friday, Sept. 11th, at the Army/Navy Club.  There were 20 present but we only reached that number thanks to augmentation by three children of John and Dolly Rasmussen.  We were glad to welcome them.  Attendees were:  Rosemary Hogg, Judy and Bob Flood, Charlie Mertz, Nancy Graham, Grace Harkins, Dave and Betty Carruth, Leila Holstein, Bing and Anne -Marie Sisson, Elizabeth Reed, Cabell and Libby Davis, Greta Goldman, John and Dolly Rasmussen with Daughter Cathy and her husband Chris Packard, and daughter Cindy McCallum.  Cindy’s husband had to work.
         The meal was good, the company was better and we kicked around some ideas for future luncheons.  Judy Flood and a calling committee of women from both MD and VA have proposed several future luncheons, the next one to be in Annapolis.  It is becoming more and more apparent from responses the callers are getting that people in Annapolis will attend luncheons there, people in Virginia will attend luncheons in Virginia.  All of us drive less and less and even then I try to stay close to home and go to destinations where I am very familiar with the route to and from.  Of course that makes Class luncheons very welcome and enjoyable.  The one place we may all make a special effort to attend is Pirate’s Cove and Betty and I are thinking we may invite our daughter and her husband to join us and provide the transportation.  We’ll see how it may work out.   

3066       Cathy & Chris Packard (Rasmussen daughter)
3067                   Cindy McCallum, John & Dolly Rasmussen
3068                                      Bob & Judy Flood          
3069                                      Cab & Libby Davis
3070                                       Leila Holstein
3072                                     Greta Goldman
3073                    Charlie Mertz
3074        Rosemary Hogg, Grace Harkins and Elizabeth Reed
3075                        Nancy Graham & Betty Carruth

3076                      Bing & Ann-Marie Sisson