Washington Area Lunch - April 11, 2014
Report and pictures were submitted by Dave Carruth

On  Friday, April 11th 25 members of the 48 family gathered at Pirate’s Cove in Galesville, MD.  Betty and I live in Springfield, VA and the restaurant is 46 miles from our house, about 1 hour 5 minutes travel time.  The group was close to evenly split with 14 from Annapolis and 11 from the Washington area.  We were joined by six midshipmen and their company officer from the 24th Company.  We were, as always, very impressed by our guests.  As Warren told them even though they are a small sample they make us feel that things at the Academy are still OK.

Class folks were:
(From the Washington area)
Warren & Nancy Graham
Dave & Betty Carruth
Charlie and Jean Mertz
Tony & Patty Duncan
Cab & Libby Davis
Grace Harkins

(From the Annapolis area)
Don & Betty Hall
John & Toni Fry
Carol Manganaro
Roger & Amante Carlquist
Charlie & Marguerite Heid
Hank & Inez Clay
Bob & Judy Flood
Leila Holstein

Obviously our luncheon attendance is dwindling and will continue to do so.  Our next gathering will be at the Army/Navy Country Club on Sept. 14th and we will discuss at that time whether to reduce the number of planned annual luncheons to two, one in Sept or Oct.; the other in April or May.  The locations will then be determined.  Everyone likes Pirate’s Cove but the travel is a deterrent and most of us are dissatisfied with Army/Navy.  Times are changing but those who attend always seem to thoroughly enjoy being with long time friends.  Betty and I hope the luncheons will continue.

Mid’n Bennett, the Company Commander spoke first, told us he was going to subs and was headed for Nuclear power school in Charleston.  He introduced Mid’n Ashcroft and she is also going to subs and to Charleston.  Each of the others then commented on their impressions of the Academy, said they were very happy and proud to be there and said one thing which they found to be outstanding was the people they had the privilege to be with and how much they enjoyed the associations they were forming.  The women in particular said they had developed friendships with the other women that they expected to last for a lifetime.  All, from first class to plebe, were completely at ease, expressed themselves coherently and well.  I wonder if it crossed their minds that they were speaking to people older than their grandparents.  They certainly seemed very interested in how we had enjoyed our careers and asked pertinent questions.  Gives you a warm and fuzzy.

All attendees made it back to home or the Academy.  We were home about 1545.      

2941                           Carol Manganaro & John Fry
2943                              Mid’n 1/c Ashcroft & Toni Fry
2944                            Patty Duncan & Hank Clay
2946                                     Inez Clay & Tony Duncan
2947                                 Mid'n 3/c Touhy
2948                                    Jean Mertz
2951                            Marguerite & Charlie Heid
2953                       Amante & Roger Carlquist
2954                                 Betty & Don Hall
2955                                   Mid'n 2/c Laduce
2956                                         Mid'n 4/c Puri
2957                                                Charlie Mertz
2958                             Grace Harkins
2959                                             Cab & Libby Davis
2960                                          Leila Holstein
2961                                     Mid'n 2/c Morey & Leila Holstein
2962                                       Bob & Judy Flood
2963                                  Warren Graham
2964                    Nancy Graham, LT Byume, Mid'n 1/c Bennett
2965                                                 Betty Carruth