Washington Area Lunch - November 8, 2013

Our last luncheon was on Fri. 8, Nov.  Warren tells me there were 38 people present, the best attendance we’ve had in a very long time.  Betty and I did not make it because I had a doctor’s appointment which resulted in him telling me to go home, take it easy and take my pills which I am doing.  The people there were very pleased to see Helga Smith, Jim Beggs, Marion Buhrer, Grace Harkins, Diana Keenan, Tom O’Connor  and Nancy Graham who fell last week, banged her head and screwed up her inner ear which of course louses up your sense of balance and makes locomotion difficult.  She say she is feeling better and getting around better.
       Warren’s son, Curry, had served with the speaker RADM Kirby Chief of Information, so Warren asked him to introduce the ADM.  The talk was very well received.
         This time the Club came through in flying colors on the food which was good, hot and very well served.  Warren had complained about our last two luncheons there and this time the Club manager and his assistant came up to observe and talk to Warren.  They thanked him for our long commitment to the Club and asked that we continue.  We’ve been going there now for a very long time, and of course the Class of ’48 provided one of the Club’s presidents, Jim Ahern.  Speaking of “long time” I wonder how many of you realize how long Warren Graham has been the President of what was originally called “the Washington Chapter Association of US Naval Academy Classes of 1948-A and 1948-B in a charter written in 1961 by H.B. Loheed.  We generally now refer to it as the Washington/Annapolis Chapter. Warren has served, with breaks for deployments, as the Chapter President much of the time since then.
         Because of low attendance at the luncheons Warren told attendees that we will take a break over the winter months and our next luncheon will be on April 11th, 2014 at Pirate’s Cove.  Hopefully the 24th Co. Mid’n will join us.  After that we will plan for Oct. but will sample local area people at and after Pirate’s Cove to determine how often they want luncheons.  It is becoming more difficult for the Annapolis folks to get over here for luncheons, 100 plus miles round trip, and of course the same holds true for the Washington folks to go to Annapolis.  Pirates Cove is still a lengthy trip for both.  Charlie and Margarite Heid brought their daughter along this time and ask her to do the driving.  Not too many of us have that privilege since our children don’t live near us.  We are going through a transition stage now I fear from driving to not driving so we will have to make adjustments.  I sometimes wish we lived in a small town in the Midwest with little traffic but we don’t. 
         Please put the April date on your calendars and try to stay healthy.      
         No pictures this time.   Sorry.    Dave