Washington Area Lunch - November 11, 2011

Pictures were submitted by Dave Carruth

Following is Dave Carruth's note to the webmaster that accompanied the photos. The photos appear after Dave's note:

                                                                                                                            12 November 2011

At the luncheon yesterday we had 33 people counting Jim Cheevers, our speaker. Jim is Associate Director and Senior Curator of the Naval Academy Museum, an outstanding speaker, as most of you know having heard him speak at our 55th and 60th reunions. His talk was, as usual, one that all of us would sit and listen to as long as he wanted to talk. When he took questions every question called up a fascinating story.

Betty and I both commented on the way home that we experienced such a warm feeling walking into a room where close friends of long standing were gathered then greeting more as they arrived. I believe that is the drawing card for our luncheons (and our reunions) because we enjoy being together. Taking a clue from my own commute to go to meetings in Annapolis though I can understand that the Annapolis Classmates are becoming more reluctant to tackle that 120 mile round trip for a luncheon at the Army Navy Country Club. If our every other month luncheons were always in Annapolis the people here in the Washington Area would react the same way. I anticipate fewer of the Annapolis folks making the trip. Our luncheons at Pirates Cove may become our annual combined gathering.

Attendees at this luncheon were:

Warren Graham
Bob Ghormley
Charlie & Marguerite Heid –Annapolis
Don & Marion Buhrer-Annapolis
John & Toni Fry-Annapolis
Bob & Judy Flood-Riva, MD
Dave & Betty Carruth
Bill & Elizabeth Reed
Cab & Libby Davis
Peg Lee
Diana Keenan
Greta Goldman
Rosemary Hogg
Toni & Patty Duncan
Jim & Mary Beggs
Bing & Anne Marie Sisson
Jack & Louise Conable
John & Dolly Rasmussen
Charlie & Jean Mertz

As we have previously remarked we are now labeled as old/old but the people in this gathering of 87 year olds are still getting around quite well thank you. At least one person in each family still drives and they all look very good, as witness the sample attached hereto.

I commented on the food at the last luncheon and said the Club had done a good job. I’m happy to report that this time the Club again gave us a good meal.


2575                                              Group picture

2576                                          Libby Davis & Greta Goldman
2577                                            Ghormley & Mary Beggs
2578                                                       Graham & Cheevers
2579                                           Diana Keenan
2580                                             Judy flood
2581                                                               Greta goldman