Washington Area Lunch - October 7, 2011

Pictures and report were submitted by Dave Carruth

After having cancelled the Sept. luncheon at Pirate’s Cove due to the weather we queried the local folks and in response to their stated desire for a replacement Warren set one up for Oct. 7.  Twenty seven people showed up, including some who don’t make many luncheons.  Ed Chapline was in town from Kansas, and Peg Lee was able to come, but many of the regulars had conflicts with previous doctor’s appointments etc. hence we were short of our normal attendance of 40 plus.  We’ll see how things turn out on Nov. 11th.

                              Ed and Peg
                   This is Charlie Mertz and Peg
One piece of business we had to take care of was to elect a new VP to take George Ball’s place.  That was quickly taken care of when Bob Flood was nominated if he would accept the nomination.  He did and he was elected unanimously.

                                                  Bob Flood and Bob Ghormley
Tony Duncan has frequently expressed dissatisfaction with the luncheon fare so this time Warren asked him to stipulate what he wanted.  He chose a salad and the Club really did a great job on it.  Everyone expressed satisfaction with the lunch.  Sad to report though, Patty and Tony didn’t make it due to a doctor’s appointment.  Maybe we’ll try that again Tony.

Warren asked if anyone wanted the mike for a few minutes. When no one volunteered he asked Jim Beggs if he would give us a few words on a subject of his choice.  So Jim talked to us about the Nobel prize and reminded us that while the winner receives a fair cash award when said winner is from the US we the tax payers usually funded his/her research.  Something to think about.  As always Jim, I enjoyed your talk.

Those who were present:
Warren Graham
Peg Lee
Bob Ghormley
Bob Flood
Bill & Elizabeth Reed
Ed Chapline
Jean & Charlie Mertz
John & Toni Fry
Dave & Betty Carruth
Charlie & Marguerite Heid
Libby & Cab Davis
Jonathan & Anne-Marie Sisson
Bill Bass & Carol Manganaro
Rosemary Hogg
Bill Bartow
John & Dolly Rasmussen
Jim & Mary Beggs

Just in case you are wondering, this list is copied directly from the signup sheet that people filled in when they arrived.
If any of you outlanders plan to be in the area on Nov. 11th please put the luncheon on your calendar and join us.  We would really like to see you.