Washington Area Lunch - May 6 , 2011

Pictures were submitted by Dave Carruth

Following is Dave Carruth's note to the webmaster that accompanied the photos. The photos appear after Dave's note:

   The Washington/Annapolis Class luncheon on the 6 of May went very well. We met at the Officer’s and Faculty Club in the Yard though I understand it now has a new name. As an aside in his talk the Superintendent told us the 1st Class Mid’n now have Club privileges. There were 50 of us present fairly evenly split between Washington and Annapolis plus the Perkins from NY, Ken Wilson from PA and if my Roster is still correct Bob Slater came up from Charleston, SC. It was good to see them. We also had a very good representation of Class widows. I believe I managed to get pictures of everyone, included herewith.

The Supe gave a good pitch most impressive being his enthusiasm for his opportunity to influence and shape the brigade. That enthusiasm is also demonstrated by the Commandant which gives me a warm/fuzzy. I think the Academy is in good hands at the moment.

The Supe covered academic accomplishments including the introduction of studies in Cyber Security and Information Technology (IT) for which he is overseeing the construction of a new academic building that, I believe, is supposed to be in place and functioning in 2013. The Class of ’48 can take credit for the existence of the IT curriculum since we provided the $2M to get it underway. He also highlighted some of the outstanding Mid’s of the Class of ’11 who graduate on the 27th of this month. He spoke glowingly of the ongoing program which sends Mid’s abroad not only for language immersion, but also exposure to the society. He says this program is really paying off and he intends to constantly increase the numbers involved.

He covered sports and of course said all is well. Those of you who read the monthly Wave Tops know there is an article in the latest posting about an Academy equestrian team. Warren Graham asked him about his equestrian team. The Supe’s response was that Warren had asked the wrong question. “You should have asked if I have horses and the answer is no. Horses are very expensive. I can just barely afford goats.” He elaborated saying that the horses belong to the 51 people on the “Equestrian Team” and the Academy is boarding them at the old Dairy barn. If you want to know more about this read that article in Wave Tops.

We went to the luncheon expecting to be served soup and sandwich but, for whatever reason, we were served excellent crab cakes and Navy Bean soup.

The one negative of the luncheon was trying to get Bill Harkins into the Club. Bill is limited to a wheel chair and there is no ramp at the Club. There is an elevator but it is broken. The problem was circumvented by the Club Staff picking up Bill and the wheel chair and carrying him up the steps into the lobby. I don’t know how the Academy is avoiding the federal ADA law but believe they should get with a ramp as soon as possible. Grace and Bill Jr. gave Bill a real present by bringing him to the luncheon. If I read his expression correctly he was thoroughly enjoying being there.

I’ve said it before but let me reiterate, I have inklings of other luncheons out there in the “hinterlands” and would really like to get some pictures and notes from Classmates and/or wives attending same.

In closing, things are beginning to move here in the Washington/Annapolis area to put together a reunion committee. Let me ask once more, please let me know if you would come to a ‘65th. The latest Shipmate tells you how many have responded to my previous requests. I know two years in the future at our ages is difficult to commit but the committee understands this. We just need to know if it is worth the planning effort.

2497                         Rosemary Hogg and Joan Urbanczyk
2500                                            Carol Manganaro, Bill Bass, Tony Fry
2501                        Roger Carlquist, Amante Carlquist, Bob Slater
2502                   Bob Smith, Helga Smith, Don Buhrer, Marion Buhrer, Phil Rogers
2504                 Phil Rogers, Joan Able, Bob Flood, Judy Flood, Nancy Reams
2505                                                Bill Bartow, Phil Shutler, Betty Carruth
2506       Grace Harkins, Rosemary Hogg, Joan Urbanczyk, Fay Barns, Jean Lochner
2507                     Bing Sisson, Anne Marie Sisson, Libby Davis, Cab Davis

2508                                      Ed Stacy, Mary Stacy, John Perkins, Eleanor Perkins
2509                             Charlie Mertz, Jean Mertz, Charlie Heid, Marguerite Heid       
2510          Warren Graham, Nancy Graham, Tony Duncan, Patty Duncan
2511                             Bob O'Reilly, Jim Beggs, Mary Beggs, John Dyer, Glenys Dyer
2512                    Glenys Dyer, Dolly Rasmussen, John Rasmussen
2513                                                               Ken Wilson
2514                                         Grace Harkins
2515                                                        Bill Harkins

2516                                               Bill Harkins, Jr