Washington Area Lunch - March 5, 2010

Dave Carruth and Tony Duncan submitted pictures taken at the meeting. Dave's pictures are identified by the letter "C" preceding the photo ID in the left corner under the photo. Tony's photos have the letter "D" preceding the photo ID.

Following is Dave's note:

The luncheon on Mar. 5th was a good gathering.  We had the 24th Co. mids and this time we had reps of all classes including a plebe.  We also had the Co. officer and the GYSGT who has been with them for a while now.  Both the LT and GYSGT have orders so this will be their last luncheon with us.  We had to move the date of the luncheon forward because the mids wanted to get away on Spring Break.  Odd, I don't recall that we had a Spring Break but then there was a war on wasn't there.  Things change.  Anyway, the midshipman, male and female were impressive as usual.  Mid'n Lado, she is wearing dark glasses, had just had and eye operation but said it would have no impact on her desire to go aviation.  There were a total of 30 Classmates and wives, a few less than we normally get for whatever reason and because we changed the date we had to move to a different room at the club, but all worked out fine.

Our next luncheon will be back at Pirate's Cove on May 14th.  Attendance should go up because that is a popular location and we generally get a group from the Annapolis area which is the primary reason for moving to the Cove.  That will be our last luncheon before the summer break so the luncheon after that will be in Sept.     Dave

C-2244              Mid'n 2/c Alexandra Lado, Bob Flood, Warren Graham
C-2245       Mary Beggs, Mid'n 1/c Matt Philbin, Mid'n 1/c Sam Donovan, John & Dolly Rasmussen
C-2246                           LT Charity True, GYSGT Carl Myers
C-2247       Marguerite Heid, Mid'n 3/c Cynthia Cary, Mid'n 3/c Andrew Flora 
C-2248                           Bill Bartow, Patty Duncan
C-2249                                 Mid'n Emmett Merchant, Tony Duncan    
C-2250                                            Cab Davis , Mid'n 3/c Jon Teague
C-2251                                           Andy Andrus, Caroly & George Ball
C-2252                                 Charlie Mertz, Libby Davis
C-2253                                                   George Ball, Jean Mertz
C-2254                                             Andy Andrus, Carolyn Ball  
C-2255                                                       Hank and Jean Corley
C-2256                                                          Bob Ghormley, Hank Corley  
C-2257                                Cliff Morgan, Mid'n 4/c Jacob Juriga 
C-2258                                         Tom & Alice O'Connor       
C-2259                                                Craig Olson 
C-2260                              Rosemary Hogg, Betty Carruth
C-2261                                           LT True & Charlie Heid
C-2262                                                GYSGT Carl Myers
C-2263                                                    Mid'n 1/c Sam Donovan
C-2264                                                      Mid'n 1/c Matt Philbin
C-2265                              Mid'n 2/c Emmett Merchant
C-2266                                  Mid'n  2/c Alexandra Lado       
C-2267                                     Mid'n 3/c Andrew Flora
C-2268                                                         Mid'n 3/c Cynthia Cary 
C-2269                                                   Mid'n 3/c Jon Teague
C-2270                       Mid'n 4/c Jacob Juriga   
D-0217                              Dave Carruth
D-0218                            Dave Carruth and Mid'n 2/cEmmett Merchant
D-0219                          Patty Duncan and Mid'n 2/c Emmett Merchant
D-0220                               LT True, GYSGT Carl Myers, Charlie Heid
D-0221                                     GYSGT Myers, Charlie and Marguerite Heid
D-0222             Charlie & Marguerite Heid, Mid'n Cynthia Cary, Mid'n 3/c Andrew Flora
D-0223                                 Mid'n Emmett Merchant, Tony Duncan