Washington Area Lunch - September 18, 2009

Pictures were submitted by Dave Carruth

Following is Dave Carruth's note to the webmaster that accompanied the photos:

Our monthly luncheons run from September through May on the second Friday of each odd month. The September luncheon would have been on the 11 th but we moved it to the 18 th to avoid a conflict with the President’s Circle celebration in Annapolis. There were 35 people in attendance at the luncheon, down from what is normally 40 plus. This was due mostly to people having doctor’s appointments which seems to go with our age and I guess will continue but hopefully not get much worse in-so-far as the luncheons are concerned.

   Thanks to Charlie Heid’s efforts we had a speaker from the Academy, Dr. Needham ’83, the Chair of the Computer Science and Information Technology Department. Charlie is also our man who tracks the $2M we gifted to the IT Department lo these many years ago. Our gift is holding it’s own in this depressed economy though we aren’t living completely on its earnings, but all in all it should last for a long time. Jim Beggs was our representative at the graduation in May and presented our $1K award to the top graduate in IT, John Fischer. Jim reported that John was impressive and that he is now at U. of Penn. working on a Master’s Degree in Computer Science/Information Technology.

The attached pictures show that we are all still hanging in there. We were especially pleased to have Dan and Dottie Shockey there having driven up from Beaverdam, VA where they live on Shockey Ln. Grace and Bill Harkins were there with their son, Bill while Tom and Alice O’Connor were accompanied by their son Larry who is a classmate of our speaker. One picture I did not get was of Andy Andrus. Andy was late arriving because he fell victim to the constant work on roads here in the greater metropolitan area. He was detoured here and there and back again such that it took him well over an hour to travel a distance which normally takes him 25 minutes. When they were building the Springfield bypass Betty and I would leave home not knowing how we would manage to get back and sometimes it was a real adventure.   Our home page and John Tsiknas provide us with an excellent presentation for pictures such as these luncheon pictures, in color and without space limitation. That is my problem with Shipmate. Pictures take up so much space in the 2000 words to which I am limited that I am becoming more and more dependent on our home page for their presentation. I feel certain that you folks out in the hinterlands also have periodic luncheons or other gatherings. Can’t some of you take a camera and provide John, and me, with the results so that all the rest of your Classmates, at least those with computers, can see how you are doing? For heaven’s sake will someone on the upcoming cruise out of San Diego please give us a pictorial history


2104                                       Craig Olson & Betty Carruth

2105                                    Grace & Bill Harkins with their son Bill  
 2106                                               Carolyn & George Ball
 2107                                                     Carolyn Rardin
2108                                          Charlie Mertz
2109                             Larry O'Connor son of Alice & Tom O'Connor
 2110                                              Marguerite & Charlie Heid
 2112                                                Dick & Joanne Munly
 2113                                       Tony Duncan & Bill Reed
2114                                             Patty Duncan & Elizabeth Reed
2115                                                        Cab & Libby Davis
2116                                                                     Bill Bartow
 2117                                     Dr. Needham '83 & Warren Graham
 2118                                                                  Jim Beggs
2119                                                Dolly Rasmussen
 2120                                               Bob Flood
2121                                                           John Rasmussen
2122                                                             Mary Beggs
 2123                                                   Dan and Dottie Shockey