Washington Area Lunch - May 8, 2009

Pictures were submitted by Dave Carruth

Following is Dave Carruth's note to the webmaster that accompanied the photos:

Our luncheon on the 8th was at Pirate’s Cove which all attendees indicate they like a lot.  When comparing the food at the Cove to the food at the Army Navy Country Club there is no contest.  We had 42 folks present thanks to Warren’s diligent effort to get people out.  That number included our guests, Dean Miller and his wife.  Dean Miller (see Class of '62 column in the March-April Shipmate) is retiring from his position as Academic Deal after 12 years.  Collectively we here believe that he has done a superb job at USNA.  He says it is time for him to step aside and get someone in who can continue to successfully move the Academy into the future, building on what he has done while here.  We here in the Washington/Annapolis area have made him an honorary member of the Class of ’48 and presented him with a Goat tie with ’48 below the goat.  His remarks at the luncheon are pretty well covered by an interview for the Annapolis Capital newspaper which you can read at https://www.usna.com/SSLPage.aspx?RSS=acad&referrer=&pid=7179.
I managed to fail to get pictures of Don Buhrer and Bob Flood.  Warren Graham and I are not represented either but we were both present.

            All in all it was a very good gathering.  Warren is researching a local cruise from Alexandria to the Key Bridge and return including lunch to happen sometime in June.  Strictly a tourist attraction but enjoyable and we’ve done it before but a long time ago. 

2058                                                      Barbara & Bill Miller
2059                                               Glenys & John Dyer
2060                                                      Cab & Libby Davis
2061                                                      Bill & Courtenay Bass
2062                                                                 Phil Rogers
2063                                         Amante Carlquist & Elizabeth Reed
2064                                             Rill Reed & Roger Carlquist
2065                                                 Kevin & JoAnne Hanlon
2066                                                       Bob & Helga Smith
2067                                             Nancy & Bob Ghormley
2068                                                     Charlie & Marguerite Heid
2069                                                     John & Toni Fry
2070                                              Andy Andrus & Bill Bartow
2071                                 Tony & Patty Duncan
2072                                                         Rosemary Hogg & Rose Ahern
2073                                 Jean Lochner & Betty Carruth
2074                                             Bing & Anne Marie Sisson
2075                                                        Nancy Reams
2077                                                      Jim & Mary Beggs