Washington Area Lunch - March 6, 2009

Pictures were submitted by Dave Carruth

Following is Dave Carruth's note to the webmaster that accompanied the photos:

The Friday, 6 March luncheon was honored to host the 24th Co. Company Officer, enlisted liaison and six mid’n.  As I have reported before at these twice a year visits we always conclude from these visits that the Academy is still on track to accomplish it’s mission.  Things have changed at our school, almost beyond our ability to comprehend as Administration, Academia and people  make adjustments to accommodate the way the world is today.  Modern technology is totally embedded is today’s midshipman’s education.  Those of you who have not been back to observe would recognize most of the buildings and the yard but that might be your only connection to our days there.  Midshipmen no longer march to class and that was explained to me in the context that there are so many majors now that there are no longer large groups going to the same building or classroom as we did.  Chapel is no longer mandatory so no marching to church and so on.  The only marching I have observed has been noon meal formation.  I find a visit to the yard now to be somewhat wrenching.  To assuage my “fears” however our luncheon guests, as have their predecessors, make me quickly aware that they are absolutely dedicated to their choice of a military career and working hard to be ready upon graduation.  The first class have already received their first duty assignments and they tell us that they got their first choices.  Cab Davis told them how it was when we graduated by relating that his choices were (not exact but close)  Destroyer, East Coast, other combatant, East Coast, any ship in the Atlantic.  His orders sent him to an auxiliary, in the Pacific.  The mid’s didn't know that those of us, in the first half of the Class, had to go to sea before we could transfer to aviation. 

You will note that we had no youngsters or plebes.  The Co. officer asked that they be included but she was turned down saying the underclasses had to stay and study. The last visit was also without the underclass which is disappointing to me because I always enjoy talking to the plebes to hear their reaction to the Academy.

All in all it was a good exchange and a good lunch.             

Our next luncheon will be at Pirate’s Cove on May 8th.

Luncheon report P.S.
I neglected to tell you that we auctioned off a teddy bear dressed in a Navy T shirt donated by Grace and Bill Harkins with the understanding that the funds would go to the flower fund. Andy Andrus “won” the bear with a generous donation. Thanks Grace and Bill.

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