Washington Area Lunch - March 28, 2008

Pictures were submitted by Dave Carruth

1644                                                   Bob & Sibyl Geiger                                                            
1645                                                            Bob & Grace Harkins
1646                                                         Hank & Jean Corley
1649                            Rube Prichard & Jin, his future Daughter-in-Law
1661  Mid'n Joey Bullen - Place kicker on football team. Kicked a 51-yard field goal in the Army-Navy game.                                        
1662      Mid'n Ryan McMarrow (Company Commander), Gunnery Sgt. Carl Meyers, Kara Kamudo (she was a               corpsman on the presidential response team), Phil Shutler
1663                                       Phil Shutler
1664                                 Jean & Charles Mertz
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