Washington Area Lunch - November 8, 2006

The following note and pictures were submitted by Dave Carruth :

Washington luncheon on Wednesday 8 November at the Pirates Cove Restaurant & Marina in Galesville, MD. This restaurant has been here a long time but whether it dates back to our tenure at the Academy I don't know. There were 46 of us there, the food was excellent and the companionship was even better. I've included a few pictures trying to show people who haven't been seen much before. I feel certain that other areas have class luncheons also and would certainly like to see some comment and pictures from those luncheons.

For those of you who might not know Warren has been the director of the luncheons for many years. He does such a good job that we annually elect him back into office by acclimation.

1150                                                 Bill and Courtney Bass, Glenys and John Dyer
     1152                          Mary Beggs. JoAnne Hanlon, Kevin Hanlon, Helga Smith
1155                                   Nancy Reams, Jean Lochner, Amante Carlquist
1161                        Don and Marion Buhrer. Phil Rogers, Warren and Barbara Ortland
1164                                                           Warren Graham
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