Washinton Area Luncheon - March 10, 2006

Note by David Carruth who submitted the following photos: "We only had first class because the Dean said the underclass had to finish exams before spring break. Each time we host the 24th Co., the one sponsored by our class, all of us are very pleased with how impressive they are in every way, comportment, obvious self confidence, and the ability to stand up in front of a group and express themselves. These young people will be very good representatives of their country and the USNA."  

Front row, left to right: Midshipmen Joe Campbell, Kyle Vendergriff, Michael Feagan, Kristin Bentz,
   Eric Shuey, Jeff Rosser. Back row: Lt. Oakes, MCPO Coates
Tony Duncan, Mid'n Bentz
Mid'n Vendergriff, Cliff Morgan, Paul Borlaug
Lt. Oakes, Warren Graham
Mid'n Feagan, Charlie Heid
Mid'n Rosser, Joanne Munly
Mid'n Shuey, Bill Bass
Bob Flood, Mid'n Campbell
Don Buhrer, MCPO Coates
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