24th Company Wardroom

The following is from Phil Rogers:
    Attached is a great composite photo of the 24th Company wardroom which
'48 has been supporting for many years. Our funds were a major contribution towards the furniture, TV, etc. Please put this in our website.

The following is from Dave Carruth:
    The 24th company ward room has been discussed in Shipmate and via email. Here are some pictures provided by Phil Rogers which would be a good posting I think. The screen in the picture is the TV, must be a projection type, and the mid'n standing in front of it with his arms outstretched provides some scale. Charlie Heid and Nancy Reams attended the dedication and Nancy's comment was that she had never seen a TV screen that big. At one of our luncheons attended by the 24th Co. the plebe attendee thanked us for the ward room, which plebes can't enter, because it kept the upper classmen off his back.

Wardroom Photos