Virginia Beach Luncheon - September 15, 2010
Submitted by Marie Chipman

On Sept. 15 our Class luncheon had their get-together at Atlantic Shores with Jack Gracey as host.  We meet every other month at different places.  This luncheon had sixteen people attending.  They were:

Kitty Bacon
Mike Childress
Bill Chipman
Elaine Cousins
Dan Deibler
Betty Edwards
Jack Gracey
Ted Holt
Erline Holt
Jack Klinefelter
George Parish
Jeanne Parish
Jean Resch
Don Ross
Bill Small
Jan Small

We just socialize for a few hours and catch up on any news.  Erline took some pictures that I hope to retrieve from her.  I was sorry I couldn’t attend as I had a doctor’s appointment.  I’ll try to keep you informed in the future.

From left to right;  Jack Gracey, Bill Small, Andy McIntyre, Erline Holt, Ted Holt, Betty Edwards, Mike Childress, Kitty Bacon, Don Ross, Elaine Cousins, Jean Resch, Jean Parish, Jack Klinefelter, Jan Small, Dan Deibler and George Parish