Third Annual Cruise
January 4 to January 17, 2012
Submitted by Rhona Gorder


Crystal Cruises lived up to its reputation of exceptional customer service as a small group of classmates cruised on CRYSTAL SYMPHONY.  The cruise was titled Between Two Seas.  We left Long Beach, CA on January 4th stopping in Cabo San Lucas, Costa Rica, cruised the Panama Canal, and visited Columbia all with incredibly calm and smooth seas and glorious weather.  We missed disembarking in the Grand Caymans as the weather became too windy, but all was forgiven when the Captain authorized free cocktails for guests that evening!  Classmates cruising were Bill Kanzler 11th Co. and Marcia Adams, Muriel and Bill Pierson 10th Co., Marilyn and Mike Rose 22nd Co., Ann and Boyd Sibert 9th Co., Walt Spangenberg 2nd Co. and Sonia Kazanjian, Rhona and Chuck Gorder 12th Co.  Both Ann Sibert and Mike Rose celebrated birthdays on the cruise and were treated to bottles of champagne, birthday breakfasts and other treats by the crew.  Crystal also hosted a lovely private reception for the Class with hors d’oeuvres and cocktails.  The ship’s band played Anchors Away and Navy Blue and Gold, the captain and other officers stopped by to say Hi, and fun was had by all.  As always, on the last evening aboard, the classmates sang Navy Blue and Gold again and also The Goat is Old and Gnarly.  Bill Pierson remembers the words to any song you want to sing and makes the time special by leading the singing.  We made port in Miami on Jan. 17th. 

001               Chuck Gorder leaving Long Beach at Sunset
002       Chuck Gorder, Lulu Pierson, Marilyn and Mike Rose,Bill Pierson,
                   Rosalie Kostanzer, Mike Keefe, let the fun begin first night
003                                             Mike and Marilyn Rose first formal night
004                                               Rhona and Chuck Gorder first formal night
005                                             Bill Kanzler and Marcia Adams first formal night
006                   Rhona and Chuck Gorder, Bill and Lulu Pierson first formal night
007                                     48 Reception gift glasses and wine
008                                            Reception Bill and Lulu Pierson
009                                          48 Reception Boyd and Ann Sibert
010                                            Reception Chuck Gorder and Bill Pierson
011                                                        48 Reception cruise mates
012                              Rhona and Chuck Gorder Class of '48 reception
013                                    48 Reception Mike Rose with waiter and officer
014              48 Reception ship's master, social director, BoydSibert, Chuck Gorder, M. Rose,
                             M. Adams, M. Rose, B. Kanzler, R. Gorder, Walt, Sonia, Bill Pierson
015                            48 Reception Symphony officer, Bill Kanzler, Chuck Gorder
016       48 Reception Walt Spangenberg, Bill Pierson, Chuck Gorder singing Navy Blue and gold
017                     48 Reception Walt Spangenberg, Bill Pierson, Chuck Gorder
019                             Rene Maitre d' where to put that class of '48 group
020                       Bill Pierson, Mike and Marilyn Rose, Lulu Pierson  
021                                                     Cabo San Lucas Bill and Lulu Pierson
022                              Cabo San Lucas Crystal Symphony and Disney Wonder
023                                                                 Cabo San Lucas Marcia Adams
024                                Cabo San Lucas Rhona and Chuck Gorder
025                                                       Cabo San Lucas View2
026                                 Cabo San Lucas back to the Crystal Symphony
027       Cabo San Lucas Chuck Gorder It's 5 oclock somewhere
028                                                 At sea Bill Kanzler and Marcia Adams
029                                                   At sea Rhona and Chuck Gorder at breakfast
030                                          At Sea Marilyn and Mike Rose
031                                          Chuck Gorder in the Palm Court 
032                                                       Costa Rica - Bill and Lulu Pierson.
033                                              Costa Rica - Bill Pierson and friends
034                            Costa Rica - Boyd Sibert Chuck Gorder Ann Sibert
035                                          Costa Rica - crocodile
036                                   Costa Rica - cruise director
                                                 037         Costa Rica - green parrot
038                                                            Costa Rica - exotic birds
039                                                Costa Rica - Marilyn and Mike Rose  
                                                 040              Costa - Rica Parrot.
041                                                       Costa Rica Port
042                                         Gorder cabin, crystal clear window
043                                                  Dining Room table setting
044  Marilyn Rose, Sonia Kazanjian, Walt Spangenberg, Marcia Adams, Bill Kanzler
045        Sonia Kazanjian, Walt Spangenberg, Ann and Boyd Sibert, Winnie Westberg, Beth Hahn
046                                              Walt Spangenberg and Sonia Kazanjian
047                                                   Off Costa Rica - Crystal Serenity and Chuck Gorder
048                                              Off Costa Rica - Chuck and Rhona Gorder
049                                        Off Costa Rica - so long Crystal Serenity
050            Rosalie, Mike, Marcia Adams, Bill Kanzler, Mike and Marilyn Rose, Lulu Pierson
051                                                                     Mike and Marilyn Rose
052                                                              Boyd and Ann Sibert
053                                 Panama Canal, Panama City and Rhona Gorder
054                                                       Panama City - Marcia Adams
055                           Panama Canal - Lulu and Bill Pierson, Chuck and Rhona Gorder
057                                   Panama Canal - Chuck Gorder plotting the course.
058                 Panama Canal - Bridge of the Americas view from Crystal Symphony aft
059                                 Panama Canal - Captain's Bridge  
060                              Panama Canal - Bill Pierson head of the buffet line
                                             061              Panama Canal - Buffet lunch
062                                                         Panama Canal - Mule Driver
063                                    Panama Canal - Chuck and Rhona Gorder
064                                       Panama Canal - approaching final lock
065                                Panama Canal - Marilyn Rose Miraflores Locks
066                         Panama Canal - Mike Keefe, Bill Pierson, Mary and Bob Russell
067                                                     Buffet - Chuck Gorder
068                                                Buffet - Lulu Pierson
069                                           Buffet - Mike Rose, Lulu, Bill Kanzler
070                                               Mike Rose off the Grand Caymans
071                                         South Pacific Sunset Chuck Gorder
072                                                         South Pacific Sunset
                                         073                             Group 1
074                                                            Lulu and Bill Pierson
075                                                 Lulu and the English comic magician
076                                      Lulu Pierson, crew member, and the margueritas
077                                                                  Lulu Pierson
                                        078         Marilyn Rose's Navy Goat Earrings
079                               Chuck, Mike and Bill and Frank from the Class of 72
080                                              Miami bound packing
081                                                    Ann Sibert Happy Birthday!
082                                             Marilyn and Mike Rose Happy Birthday.
084                                                            Mike Rose Birthday
085                                                        Class Navy Blue and Gold
086     Bob Russell,  Sonia Kazanijian and Walt Spangenberg Navy Blue and Gold.
087                                                Class Navy Blue and Gold
088                             Boyd Sibert Bill and Kanzer Navy Blue and Gold