West Coast Reunion - San Diego - May 14 thru May 17, 2006
Most of the photos were submitted by Rhona Gorder and several by Dave Carruth

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  r025                                                                   Welcome Reception Group Shot
  r110                                         Another Welcome Reception Group Shot
d0597                                                         Reunion Souvenirs
 r260     Tom Woods in recovered graduation cap
    r270           Inscription in Tom's hat
   r150                                                  Rhona and Chuck Gorder
   r030                    Betty and Dave Carruth
     r040                      Chris Christoph
  r050                Midway Top Deck
     r100            Alda Durrel and William Ikard
d0656                                            Chuck and Rhona (coordinating the next event?)

  r010                                      Bob McClinton at the helm on Midway

  r250                           Tom Alexander and Jim Mellencamp on Midway
  r020                                  George and Fran Goodwin, Martha and Cecil Duffee
  d0585                               Joan & John Wilkie, Dick & Dot Hoffman
  r060                                                   Frank and Carol Manganaro
   r070                                           Walt Spangenberg and Sonia Kazanjian
   r230                           Martha Duffy, Alda Durrel, Carol Manganaro 
  r290                                Jack Kleinfelter and niece Debra Arbogast
  r080                        Peggy and Tom Hayward, Tom Alexander at University Club
   r090              The Jeffersons, Christophs and Vermilyas at the University Club
 r105   Sonia Kazanjian, Angus and Mavis McDonald, Chuck Gorder, Walt Spangenberg at University Club
   d0651                                                    Esther Rauch
   d0667                                                 Chick and Esther Rauch
   r120                                                      Gorder, Ikard, Pierson
   r130                                        Bob McClinton and Carol Manganaro
   r140                                                              Midway Magic
  r160    Kay Alexander and Teen Stringfellow
    r210                    Tom Hayward
   r170                               Nan Baughman, John Tsiknas, Craig Olsen
   r180                                    Glenys and John Dyer, Courtney and Bill Bass
   r190                                     Lee Marsolais and Chuck Gorder
   r200                                             Ben Conroy at University Club
  d0658    The Renunion Committee - Harvey Humphrey, Jay Vermilya, Troy Stone, Rhona Gorder, Chris
                Christoph and Chuck Gorder. Not pictured: Turbo Sturtevant, Bob Neely and Dick Hoffman.
  r220                    Rhona and Chuck Gorder relaxing by beautiful San Diego bay
  r240            John & Joan Wilkie, Fran & George Goodwin in front of host hotel
  r280   Rhona Gorder, John & Joan Wilkie, Chuck Gorder, Fran & George Goodwin at San Diego Bay