New Tower

Patty and Tony, along with the Carlquists and Hoss Graham visited the NMC Stadium 31 August for the pre season Football luncheon. Nice affair. FYI, the next luncheon will be the Tuesday before the Air Force game and should be worth attending. However, the big news was seeing the new tower being constructed on the east side of the stadium. Not sure everyone is aware of this development. The tower contains two elevators to carry some lucky fans to the top level of the stadium where there are four luxury suites and a module for camera men The motivation for the tower was to move the TV cameras to the opposite side of the stadium so the Brigade will be in the background during TV filming. Good idea. I hate to admit we got it from West Point, but it is still a good idea. The tower is nearing completion so should be in operation for the GA Southern game. The USNAAA has been unusually low key about this project, or so it seems. BEAT ARMY !!!!!!