Mexican Cruise Photos
January 22 to February 1, 2010
Submitted by Rhona Gorder
Rhona also submitted a very detailed article containing cruise highlights. Click here to see the article.
01                                                  Bon Voyage Dinner
02                                            Bon Voyage Dinner
03                           Bon Voyage Dinner 3 - Marilyn Rose and Lee Marsolais
04                                                        Bon Voyage Dinner
05                                        Radiance of the Seas in Cabo San Lucas
05.1                                                       Acapulco

06   Front to back left to right: Chris Christoph, Kaycee McCarthy, Rhona Gorder, Alda Durill,
       Marilyn Rose, Patricia Conklin, Tom Dawson, Judy Tomelden, Joelle Dawson, Chuck Gorder,
       Mike Rose, Augie Albanese (with cane), Bob Flood, Sonia Kazanijian (striped shirt),
       Joan Wilkie, John Wilkie, Bill Ikard, Barbara Ortland, Warren Ortland, Walt Spangenberg     

07   Front to back left to right: Tom Dawson, Rhona Gorder, Alda Durill, Christ Christoph
       Bob Flood, Judy Tomelden, Joelle Dawson, Chuck Gorder, Marilyn Berg,
       Kaycee McCarthy, Barbara Ortland, Sonia Kazanijian, Joan Wilkie, Mike Rose, Patricia Conklin,
      Warren Ortland, Walt Spangenberg, John Wilkie, Bill Ikard, Augie Albanese
08    Front to back left to right: Tom Dawson, Chris Christoph, Mike Rose,
        Chuck Gorder, Warren Ortland, Bob Flood, John Wilkie, Augie Albanese,
        Walt Spangenberg, Bill Ikard
09                                          Augie Albanese and Patricia Conklin
10                                                   Augie Albanese, Patricia Conklin, Chuck Gorder
11                                                       Bill Ikard and Alda Durrill
12                                                         Bob Flood and Judy Tomelden
13                                      Chris Christoph and daughter (Kaycee McCarthy)
14                                                 Chuck and Rhona Gorder
15                                                         John and Joan Wilkie
16                                                 John Wilkie, Bill Ikard, Joan Wilkie
17                                                                 Mike and Marilyn Rose
18                                                      Rhona and Chuck Gorder
19                                             Tom and Joelle Dawson
20                            Tom Dawson, Bill Ikard, Chuck Gorder
21                                          Walt Spangenberg and Sonia Kazanijian
22                                         Warren and Barbara Ortland
23            L to R: Tom Dawson, Augie Albenese, Patricia Conklin, Alda Durill, Sonia Kazanijian,
                                                    Walt Spangenberg, Marilyn Rose
23.1                                                       Augie, Rhona, Bill, Sonia
23.2                                                    Chris and Alda
23.3                                      Chris, Judy, Bob, Tom, Marilyn, Chuck Kaycee
23.4                                 Patricia, Augie, Rhona, Bill, Sonia, Walt, Chris
24                          Mexican Cruise Dinner with the Captain
25         Navy Blue and Gold - Mike Rose (back to camera), Augie Albenese, Tom Dawson,
              Joan Wilkie (in very back), Joelle Dawson (in blue), Bill Ikard, Chuck Gorder
26     Navy Blue and Gold - Mike Rose, Walt Spangenberg, Chrischristoph (seated), Augie Albenese
27           Navy Blue and Gold - Augie Albenese, Tom Dawson, Bill Ikard, Chuck Gorder
28  Navy Blue and Gold : Augie Albenese, Bill Ikard shaking hands with Chuck Gorder, Joelle Dawson in blue