Homecoming - October 2015
Report and photos by Judy Flood

We give special thanks to Douglass Hayman, Class of 1956, for his efforts to coordinate the Homecoming Dinner at Ginger Cove on Friday evening, October 23rd.  Over the years John Fry developed an effective model for this event and class representatives from 1943-1956 worked closely with Douglass Hayman to replicate the annual get-together.  There were 106 attendees including 2 three-stripers.

Colorful balloons and floral arrangements highlighted the way to a cocktail reception in the Annapolis Room. Attendees enjoyed aged, soft, firm, and blue cheeses, shrimp, fresh fruit, and a variety of crackers to wet the palate for dinner.  A selection of wines and mixed drinks were available as we kicked off the Homecoming Dinner event.

The group migrated into the dining room where Douglass Hayman officially welcomed the group for dinner. Our speaker for the evening, Midshipman Michael Hollan, from Brockton, MA recounted his 3-year experience as a prior-enlisted Marine and shared his plans for the future.  This special young man provided a fine example of the midshipmen attending USNA today.  

Bob Smith was given the microphone and provided impromptu remarks about his wedding on the eve of Homecoming, exactly 46 years before. Congratulations, Bob and Helga Smith. Happy Anniversary!!!

The meal included a mixed green salad, a choice of filet mignon or salmon, and roasted baby potatoes with basil. The group then enjoyed a delightful shortbread fruit tart and a selection of hot beverages.  Capping off the evening we sang Navy Blue & Gold.  With hugs and farewells, we thanked Douglass Hayman and his wife, Judi, for their efforts.  Everyone noted that the 2015 Homecoming Dinner was a resounding success and ended too soon!!!! Go Navy! 

The classes represented at the homecoming were as follows: 1943 – 3; 1944 – 4; 1945 -17; 1946 – 1; 1947 – 2; 1948 -15; 1950 – 9; 1951 -14; 1952 – 7; 1953 – 3; 1954 – 1; 1956 -18; 1957 – 4; 1959 - 4; 1961 – 3; 1969 - 1; and 2014 – 2.
The Class of ’48 attendees included: Faye Barnes, Marian Buhrer and her guest John Gaston, Amante and Roger Carlquist, Judy and Bob Flood, Grace Harkins, Leila Holstein, Carol Manganaro and her guest Bob Baldwin, Jean and Charles Mertz, and Helga and Bob Smith.

 Respectfully submitted, Judith D. Flood, Ed.D.

                    01                                              Grace Harkins
            02                                          Marian Buhrer and her guest John
            03                                                        Jean & Charlie Mertz
                                                  04                            Leila Holstein
            05                              Carol Manganaro and her guest Bob Baldwin
              06                                              Roger & Amante Carlquist
                                         07                           Judy & Bob Flood
                                  08                                          Bob & Helga Smith