Homecoming - October 2012
Report and photos by Dave Carruth

Last Friday, October 19th Betty and I joined 20 other Classmates at Ginger Cove retirement community in Annapolis for the Homecoming dinner.  The soirée was arranged and chaired by John Fry, assisted by Toni Fry, Bill Bass and the Ginger Cove staff.  The Classes of ’43 through ’50 were represented.  

The agenda went as follows:  check-in for name tags 5:00-5:30 at the entrance, champagne and drinks reception in the Annapolis room 5:30-7:00, and dinner in Friendship Hall 7:00-9:00.  There were enough people to jam the Annapolis room so it was difficult to circulate but from observation a good time was had by all for that hour and a half.  Ginger Cove did a very good job with dinner offering fillet mignon or salmon with the trimmings, wine and a good dessert.  We had a couple of Mid’n with us and one of them gave a short talk on how he appreciated the Academy.

As you would expect the whole group dispersed quickly when John thanked everyone for coming.  That was at 8:30.  We must be growing older.  My memories of Homecoming dinners at the Boat House (how many years ago?)  tell me we hung in there until a later hour.  Of course we had room to dance and Dudley usually managed to get us a band.  There were also a lot more than 22 Classmates and wives.  It will be interesting to see how many of us get on the dance floor at our 65th.

The accompanying pictures show who was there.

Didn’t Navy do a great job on Sat. the 20th!!!!!


2654                                                     Charles and Jean Mertz
2655                                                                  Fay Barnes
2656                                                     Leila Holstein
2657                                                  Roger & Amante Carlquist

2658                                                             Patty & Tony Duncan
2659                 Tony Duncan, Elizabeth & Bill Reed, Marguerite Heid
2660                                           Marguerite & Charlie Heid
2661                                                     Betty Carruth & John Fry
2662                                               Toni Fry
2664   Mrs. Trost (Adm Trost's wife), Goodie & Chuck Braley who came up from NC

2665                    Chuck Braley, Carol Manganaro & Bill Bass