Homecoming - October 2011

Homecoming was held during the week of October 16, 2011 . A report was submitted by John Fry, photos were submitted by Rhona Gorder and Tony Duncan and Kodak Gallery photos were submitted by Helga Smith, Bob Smith's wife.

Following is the report that John Fry sent to Dave Carruth regarding the the Ginger Cove homecoming :

Dave, here is our report on the Naval Academy homecoming dinner at Ginger Cove:

The class of 1948 in great in many ways. Reminiscent of those wonderful, long-gone, Friday night homecoming parties in Dahlgren Hall, and afterwards Alumni Hall, this year our class organized a homecoming blue and gold gala at Ginger Cove with champagne reception and five-star dinner for over 100 guests, mainly from the classes 1943-1950. It was the place to be in Annapolis that Friday night for food, friends, and fun, arguably the best party in town. We were most pleased to have as our guest Brigade six-striper Jonathan Monti, along with four other senior first classmen, to enliven our spirit. Class of 1948 participants were Bill Bass and Carol Manganaro, Don and Marion Buhrer, Fay Barnes, Roger and Amante Carlquist, Tony and Patty Duncan, John and Toni Fry, Chuck and Rhona Gorder, Charlie and Marguerite Heid, Leila Holstein, Bill and Elizabeth Reed, and Phil and Patsy Rogers.

With every good wish, John 

Following are photos submitted by Rhona Gorder:
001                               Helga Smith, Rhona Gorder, Judy Flood (1)

002                             Bob Smith and Bob Flood setting up the tailgate
003                                 Chuck with granddaughters and their beau
004          Chuck with granddaughters and their beau at the great Class of '48 gate
005                  Chuck with grand daughters Kari, Katy and Gabrielle 
006                                         Rhona Gorder and Bill the Goat
007                                       Goat is Old and Narly 2
008    Judy Flood, Bob Flood, Bob Smith, Tony Duncan, Rhona and Chuck Gorder
009                                                  Tailgate Classmates group 1
010                                        Goat is Old and Narly 2 (1)
011                                                  Go Navy, Beat Army!
012                                                  Midshipman in the stadium 
013                                                      USNA Pipe Band Leader
014                                                            USNA Chapel.
015                                           Midshipman where's the candy
016                                        Midshipman en route to Stadium
017                                              Midshipman do push ups
018                               Chuck Gorder with granddaughters and their beau 2
019                                                     Chuck Gorder at Dress Parade Rehearsal
020                                       Dress Parade Rehearsal Color
021                                     Chuck and Rhona Gorder on the Severn
022                                                                 Dress Parade Rehearsal

The following pictures were submitted byTony Duncan

302                                                          Patty Duncan
303                                                        Tony Duncan
310                                                         Roger and Amante Carlquist
311                                                               Phil and Patsy Rogers
318                      Don Buhrer with Elizabeth Reed in the background 
319                                      Leila Holstein
329                       Bill Reed
334                                  Charlie Heid
340                                          Rhona and Carol Manganaro
341                                                                   Bill Bass
342                                                                                     Phil Rogers
344                                               Bob Flood and Chuck Gorder

The following was sent to your webmaster by Rhona Gorder::

Hi John,
The attached pictures were taken by Helga Smith, Bob Smith's wife. People pictured include: Bob and Judy Flood, Warren and Nancy Graham, Don and Marion Buhrer, Tony Duncan , Roger and Amante Carlquist, John and Toni Fry, Chuck and Rhona Gorder, Bob and Helga Smith. I don't know if you can upload to the class web site from this Kodak gallery but I think you might be able to. The pictures were taken throughout Homecoming week at the Officers Club on the yard, at the Yacht Club and at the Football tailgate.

The pictures are in a Kodak Gallery can be viewed by clicking here.