USNA Gate #1 Update


The following was sent by Dave Carruth to your webmaster and is reproduced intact:


John, here is an input regarding the new #1 gate.   That is the gate the class of ’48 redid and dedicated in Sept ’86.  Betty and I looked over the pictures I took at that time both at the dedication and at the dinner dance, formal.  We concluded that we were a very good looking group, of course being 20+ years younger may have something to do with it.  Anyway, that gate has been completely redone for security purposes I presume, and will be rededicated at 1730 on Oct 26th. 

            I’m attaching an artist’s concept of our gate and some pictures I took last Wednesday of the current configuration.  The major negative change is that our benches now have no shade.  They have been moved to the “v” of the two new pedestrian walks coming from the market place in Annapolis and are on a very large brick and concrete pad with very little landscaping, none of which provides any shade.  Overall the new gate is attractive but if two decent sized trees could be planted to shade our benches they could then be used as a gathering place for tour groups to be briefed and have them get out their identification to go through security.


Artist’s concept of our original gate

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