Council of Class Presidents Meeting April 21, 2014
Reported by Dave Carruth

Comments on minutes

The last meeting of the Council of Class Presidents was on Apr. 21st.  I did not attend for I was “under the weather.”  I now have the minutes and here are some items noted.
         The new officers for COCP are:
                  Chairman                  VADM Hank Mustin ‘55
                  Vice Chairman         CAPT Spencer Johnson ‘63
                  Secretary                  LCDR JOSH WELLE ‘02
Money for the display honoring FADM Halsey in the field house named for him has been allocated so it will proceed to completion.  The Halsey multi-purpose gym is almost done.  It has more basketball court space to better support men’s and women’s basketball practice.

The large goat statue which I have previously mentioned will be installed at Navy-Marine Corps  Memorial Stadium in 2015.

The Alumni Mentoring Program (AMP) is doing well.  There are currently 764 participants and 287 matched pairs.  Awarness of the program is expanding and AMP will eventually become an official service of the Alumni Association.  Ultimately it could include Midshipmen.

USNA was recently recognized as the best community service organization in the entire Navy.  Over 23,000 community service hours.

This year’s budget has $120 million to build the cyber center. Cyber/IT will move into that building in 2016.
Parking between O-Club and Worden Field will become a parking garage.

 Another Link in the Chain (ALTIC) started with the Class of ’45 and has evolved to become a very strong program.  West Point has a similar program which they call Maintaining the Long Gray Line.  Both programs are very popular and getting more so with the Alumni Classes pushing it.  If any of you have access to CASE magazine (popular in academic circles) it had a recent article on these programs featuring the Classes of ’63 and ’13.

The Class of '54 reported that the handrails will be installed at the stadium this summer.