Council of Class Presidents Meeting November 2013
Reported by Dave Carruth

On Thurs. the 14th there was a meeting of the Council of Class Presidents (COCP) which I did not attend due to being under the weather.  I now have the minutes and here are what I consider to be the highlights.

Our long time decade representative, Victor Delano ’41 was elevated to Foundation trustee emeritus.
         Our decade now consists of 30s/40s/50s and our decade rep is now VADM Mustin ’55.
         The millennial decade of 2000 is now in the lineup.

A discussion was had regarding the lack of handrails in aisles at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium and the class of ’54 was asked to develop and propose a plan to have handrails installed.

It was noted that there is inadequate recognition of FADM Halsey in the Field House.  The Class of ’65 was asked to develop and propose a plan for a Halsey exhibit in the corridor at the front of the building.

Bill O’Connor gave an update on the Foundation.  Parents are~12% of Annual Fund giving.  The Foundation is taking action to increase corporate giving, as well as planned gifts.  There was an extensive discussion of the rates of fundraising participation among the Classes as well as methods and lessons-learned to best improve those rates.  Acknowledgement of Class of ’63 and their recent gift of $6.3M.

Skip Orr ’65 advocated for Classes to include the Athletic and Scholarship; Foundation in Their gift-giving and fundraising plans.  They are executing a plan that includes engaging with Classes five years before their 20,30,40, and 50 year reunions.  Some of this money goes to NAPS to further their physical training mission.

Steve Comisky ’69 gave a very quick update on the status of the Alumni Mentoring Program.  He asked for assistance expecially in recruiting more mentors for the program.

The meeting was adjourned at 1505.