Council of Class Presidents Meeting - November 7, 2012
Reported by Dave Carruth

I represented the Class at subject meeting.  The meetings start at 0700 and last until 1500 or later.
This time there were 51 attendees representing 44 classes, 1941 to 2002.  The new chairman, Hank Mustin ’55 is trying to “Revitalize” the COCP so the agenda was comprised in part by a discussion of the COCP Charter and possible changes there to.    The Charter states, ‘The purpose of the council of Class presidents is to provide a forum for discussion and resolution of common issues among the Classes and to elect Class Presidents to the Board of Trustees.  The Council of Class Presidents is an organization that is independent but supportive of the US Naval Academy Alumni Association.  The Mission and Bylaws of the US Naval Academy Alumni Association are the guiding documents for organized activities of all alumni.  Nothing in this Charter shall be construed to override or otherwise supersede provisions of the Alumni Association Mission and Bylaws.”
         At the meeting the attendees gather by decades so the decades discussed proposed Charter changes then each Decade Rep. reported their conclusions.  The major suggestion that came from those conclusions seemed to be “update the Class Presidents Handbook and then keep it up to date.”  Some were also in favor of a clarification of the Charter mission statement.   Discussion will continue at the next meeting.
         Regardless of what the Charter says I believe that when the Alumni Association formed the COCP it was seen as the key to the alumni wallet.  It is still seen that way as borne out by the presentations given at each gathering.  There is always a presentation by the Alumni Association/ Foundation, a Naval Athletics Update, and either the Supe or Dant (Superintendent or Commandant) and each pitch highlights programs/plans that need funding.  I’ll touch on that as we proceed.
         All of us know that every institution of learning spends a lot of money and time soliciting donations from alumni.  The COCP is part of that effort by the Alumni Association/Foundation on behalf of the Naval Academy and probably a far more efficient method than exercised by Stanford, Yale, Harvard, and Notre Dame, etc.  From what I hear West Point does a great job.  I haven’t heard much about Air Force.        
         Tom Lynch ’64 spoke to the group about Foundation Support of Navy Athletics and one of the slides he put up was as follows:
SUPPORT OF NAAA                           $1,105,000
SUPPORT OF NAPS                                170,000
SUPPORT OF USNA                                191,250
 (club, intramurals, awards/other)

                  TOTAL SUPPORT - $1,466,250


I understand that many of you contribute to the Athletic Excellence fund.  He also suggested that Alumni stipulate in their obits that in lieu of flowers, memorials be given to the Athletic Excellence Fund.

         Chet Gladchuk  gave his usual excellent update on the 33 varsity sports indicating all are in good health and have what he believes are the best, most dedicated coaches in the business.  He commented on increasing the stadium capacity to 40,000; told us about the upgrade of the scoreboard and the sound system; said the Halsey renovation is going well; and showed us pictures of the locker room upgrade.  He also asked for bowl game ticket donations again this year.  The tickets, as before, will go to enlisted personnel and to mid’n who travel to the game.  The Class contributing the most tickets will receive the same kind of recognition and award as in years past.
         The AA/Foundation presentation was by Bob Natter ’67 the current Chair of the Board of Trustees.  He spoke of the “major” 5 year reunions and said many classes now include in their planning for those reunions a program for putting together a gift to the Academy.  He would like to see emphasis on every classmate giving whatever he/she can so that all are represented. In addition he mentioned that the AA/ Foundation staff has outgrown its spaces and needs to build new/additional quarters.
         The Supe spoke next.  I always enjoy hearing the current Supe or Dant because they both display so much enthusiasm for the mid’n.  The Supe, as usual, spent much of his time talking about various programs including one that I believe is excellent, sending mid’n to other countries for a protracted time to be immersed in the culture.  One of Charlie Heid’s grandchildren, now a youngster, just returned from Oman and Charlie says he had nothing but good things to say for the experience. The Supe says it is his intention to keep increasing the number of mid’n participating in this program.  He also spent a good part of his time talking about cyber warfare and his push to build a new academic building for cybernetics that will eventually house Computer Sciences, Information Technology and Cybernetics/Cyber warfare.  When he asked for questions the first question was if any consideration was being given to building a parking garage since it is impossible to find a place to park in the yard.  He laughed and said yes, a garage is going to be built but it will go down, not up, at least 4 stories to house 300 or more cars.  He believes that 1st Class mid'n rate a parking place as much as faculty.  There was no discussion of location.  There was some discussion at the 40s decade table of the engineering challenge of building such a garage in the yard which is essentially at sea level and has been flooded in the past. 
         The next meeting will be next spring.  I would appreciate some feedback, not only to help me convey your thoughts and concerns at the meeting but to tell me what you want to hear from me concerning these meetings.