The following is a newspaper article that was clipped by Dave Carruth’s mother.  The best that we can figure out is that it was written around the first of June 1947 by Los Angeles Times columnist Bill Henry.


By the Way

   With Bill Henry


WashingtonAnnapolis isn’t very far away from here so it seemed part of the job to check up and find out if Southern California still is doing its share in manning the “first line of defense.”  In case you’re too tired to check the detail—it certainly is.


MIDDIES—When the boys march up there to get their diplomas and commissions at the Naval Academy at Dahlgren Hall there will be more from California than from any other State.  Pennsylvania has 37 graduates, New York has 39 and California has 49 of whom 31 are from south of the Tehachapi.  We’re doing all right matrimonially, too.  Ensign William K. Yates of San Gabriel is marrying Sybil Bastear today at the chapel, leading all other graduates to the altar.  Lt. Floyd A. Cuff of Pico is marrying Betty Jo Sullivan of San Francisco on Sunday.


Performance—You’re covering a lot of territory with nearly half a hundred snappy young middies and, skipping lightly among the California group, here are some of the many distinctions earned by those from the Los Angeles area—probably overlooking some.  Earl Barondes of Los Angeles was on the varsity football squad and dabbled outside as business manager of the Masquerade and combined musical clubs.  Ralph Behrends of Los Angeles was an expert rifleman and vice-president of the Newman Club.  David Carruth was an expert rifleman, won a class swimming award and was mixed up with the choir, the glee club and the radio club.


Activities—Joseph Daniel Costello (ex-Caltech) was rated high scholastically, an expert rifleman, skipper of the boat club and won gymnastic and sailing awards, Floyd Cuff of Pico was in the first quarter of his class and picked up two of the coveted N awards in track, bearing stars denoting participation in a victory over the Army.  Tyler Dedman, an ole Dorsey High boy, was high scholastically and was secretary-editor of the Lucky Bag, the yearbook.  Gordon Farmer of Alhambra won sundry distinctions all of which were added to war decorations earned while serving as an enlisted man aboard the Enterprise and Saratoga.  He’s getting married today.


Honors—Midshipman Willard Felsen of Los Angeles had high scholarship and qualified as an expert rifleman.  Robert Hugh Gormley of Ventura won numerals in crew and soccer and was an active member of the wardroom panel.  Thomas Bibb Hayward of Glendale was an expert rifleman and member of the midshipman budget committee.  Robert Hemmes was scholastically high and won a sailing award.  Sheldon Leon Hirsch of Los Angeles was scholastically high, participated in boxing and football and was a company representative.  Gordon Hogg of Los Angeles, another beribboned ex-enlisted man, stood high scholastically and was feature and professional editor of the weekly news and humor magazine.


GoatkeeperThis distinction fell to Edgar Allen Hollister of Santa Barbara, a beribboned ex-marine who also participated in swimming, football and track.  Walter Paul Houk of Los Angeles mixed scholarship with track, volleyball, basketball, class ring and crest committee and being on the staff of Trident.  Paul Keenan Jr. of Los Angeles was high scholastically and expert rifleman.  Raymond Lochner of Baldwin Park, another ex-enlisted man, was manager of the Log, director of the sound and movie gang among other things.  William McKinley of Venice, James Ostiller of Beverly Hills, William Reavis of Balboa Island, Hugh Sanders of Ventura, Glenn Savage of La Habra, Arnold Silverman of Alhambra, Frank Simpson II of Los Angeles, Jack Stufflembeam of Santa Monica and William Kirby Yates of San Gabriel likewise distinguished themselves, the latter being lieutenant commander in the middie brigade organization.