Annapolis Area Lunch - April 8, 2016
Report and picture were submitted by Judy Flood

Bob Flood welcomed our group for lunch at the Moorings Bistro in Annapolis.  We kicked off the meal with a selection of cocktails and wine.  Thanks you, Phil Rogers, for hosting the bar.  Four months had passed since our last class luncheon and it was a pleasure to see everyone again.  We were abuzz with discussions about Navy sports, the winter weather, the ongoing political primaries, senior citizen housing opportunities, medical alert systems, and moreā€¦.

Our meal included a mixed green salad, cup of soup, and a choice of Shrimp/Chicken Cobb Salad, Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf, and Fish & Chips.  The food was delicious, and the serving sizes were quite large. We enjoyed lemon flavored cupcakes and frosted walnut brownies for dessert and joined together to sing Happy Birthday.

Charlie Mertz shared the Treasurer’s Report and discussed our current finances.  He noted the increased number of memorial donations in recent months since his last report, and will renew our group’s 501-c3 status. Phil Rogers also presented information about the status of the Class of 1948 IT fund, $2.2 million.    

With hugs and farewells, the group looked forward to our next meeting that will be announced soon.  Many thanks to Dave Carruth, the VA Team (Jean Mertz, Diana Keenan, Rosemary Hogg, Grace Harkins), and the MD Team (Helga Smith, Amante Carlquist, Judy Flood) who contacted class members and confirmed main course selections. Thank you to the Amante and Roger Carlquist who collected payments and recorded names for the treasurer.
The Class of ’48 who attended were: Jean and Charlie Mertz from Virginia, and Phil Rogers, Joanne and Kevin Hanlon, Phil Rogers, Roger Carlquist, and Judy and Bob Flood from Annapolis.

Respectfully submitted, Judith D. Flood, Ed.D.

                            01               Phil Rogers
                               02   Jean Mertz and Judy Flood 
                                      03   Roger Carlquist
                           04                Jean Mertz
                    05                       Joanne Hanlon
                           05.5          Kevin Hanlon
         06                                          Charlie Mertz
                              07              Bob Flood