PHOTOS - Annapolis 65th Reunion - June 4 Through June 6, 2013
Report and Photos by Dave Carruth

Our 65th turned out well and, according to the feedback I have received, was much enjoyed by the 108 people, including eleven children, who participated.  The committee had hoped for greater attendance but looking at previous classes our attendance at our reunions is pretty much on track.  I still hope we will try a 70th and that, with the help of our children, we will have a good gathering.  It is always a pleasure to meet again with people you haven’t seen for a while and this was no exception as I think you can see from the pictures.
         Sign in on the 4th went without a hitch and attendees received their name tags plus a detailed schedule of planned activities and transportation, the usual Annapolis PR material and a copy of the new Class roster.  The schedule was also presented in a pocket size for portable reference.
         There was some visiting in the lobby but most people needed to go to their rooms, get settled and rest a bit before the reception which started at 1800.   The hotel, Sheraton Annapolis, lived up to our memories from the 60th with very good heavy hors d’oeuvres and a good carving table plus open bar until 2000.  No one should have gone to bed hungry.
         Tues was the busiest day starting at 1000 with a memorial service at the Chapel.  Chaplain Carter conducted the service and did an outstanding job.  I reminisced about reunions, homecomings past and the conscious effort expended by many in the Class to bind and keep us together, recognized by all as the Class of ’48, which is great.
         After the service we gathered in Mahan Hall to hear the Supe tell us about how things are going.  His report was very upbeat and well done.  It brought home to each of us that it isn’t the same Academy that we attended.  The Supe says it is better and the mid’n are being trained to meet the needs of today’s Navy.  We must keep reminding ourselves that we were on a wartime footing when we were there so we must expect huge changes in every facet of the school.  I note that the Academy now ranks 4th in engineering training and 14th in Liberal Arts.  We did not have a liberal arts ranking when we were there.  VADM Miller is very pleased with the way things are going but admits there are, and always will be, bumps in the road.
         Our next speaker addressed the Academy’s Cyber Security program.  We have established an academic first in the nation with the Class of 2016 being able to major in Cyber Security.  The Academy is preparing to begin construction of a new academic building to house this major.  I believe that computer science and Information Technology will be folded into the program.  All plebes today must take computer science and our speaker said, “these kids all know how to use a computer but they have no idea what is inside the thing so we make them take one apart, identify all the parts, what each one does and how they work together, then put the computer back together and it must work”.  Scribe’s note:  wish I could find such a course; old as I am I would sign up.
         Next up was the Class picnic only this time we stayed inside to stay cool and had a buffet of fried chicken, crab cakes and vegetables with wine, beer and soft drinks.  Our caterer still makes superb crab cakes.  We were in the Lawrence Room at the stadium.  Many people visited the James Carrington Lacrosse Hall of Fame Room, directly above the Lawrence Room then took a guided tour of the stadium. 
         If you were still hungry there was bus transportation to and from Annapolis to your selection of restaurants for an evening meal.
         For the last three reunions Jim Cheevers, at our request, has spoken to us about various historical subjects.  At the 60th he talked about the Navy in Annapolis before the USNA.  Jim is the Associate Director and Senior Curator at the Academy Museum where he has been for 46 years.  This time he spoke to us about the US Navy in the War of 1812.  Jim is a superb speaker with unbelievable knowledge of Naval history and if he is still in the area I will try to get him to speak to us at our 70th.
         At 1100 buses took people to the Maryland State House where they had a tour of the Old Senate Room where Washington resigned his commission as Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army.  From what I heard that went well.
         Judy Flood had set up a fashion show for Thurs. afternoon in the hotel; however, there were problems with that so she arranged to have actress Mary Ann Jung give us her take on Rosie the Riveter.  She did a great job, even used Ty Dedman as a stand in for Charles Lindbergh and Bob Flood as FDR.  The hotel had set out the “tea” with some very good sandwiches et al.  A good show attended by many of the men as well as the women.
         I don’t believe anyone missed the banquet or the happy hour leading up to it.  The pictures show a solid gathering at the bar and at the banquet.  We tried some group pictures after dinner and I’ve included several but have made no attempt to name everyone in those pictures.  We had indicated whether we wanted fillet or fish for dinner but everyone received both.  Fish and steak were both very good but more than I could handle and I was hungry.  We had a pianist who was excellent and had no problem playing requests for songs of our era.  Some of us can still dance as the pictures show.
         In between all of the above the transportation system worked well getting people to and from the yard and what we called the Mid’n Store, now the USNA Store. 
         The farewell breakfast on Fri. morning was set up for 0730-0930 to give those who could to attend the service and inurnment of Guy Buck in the chapel at 0830.  Ty and Betty Dedman, Cliff Morgan (guy’s room mate first class year), and Bob Flood did make it and Ty said it was a moving service both in the Chapel and at the Columbarium.  Chaplain Carter presided at both.
         Communications I have received subsequent to the reunion indicate that the consensus is it was a successful reunion and everyone made it home OK.
         Our thanks to Roger Carlquist and the committee.

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2798   From top to bottom  #1 Bob Flood, Warren Graham, Bob Smith, Charlie Mertz, Nancy
          Graham. That is Ernie Castle picking up the roster.
2799                                        Bob Flood, Bob Smith
2800                         Bob Jortberg
2801                             Jack McCord, Nan Baughman
2802                               "Turbo" Sturtevant and his son Pete
2803                                                        Betty and Frank Boushee
2804                                                           Jean and Ernie Castle
2805                                             Ed and Mary Stacy
2806                                              Don and Betty Hall
2807                                                                   John Crumpton, Ed Stacy
2808                                          George Sullivan, Nancy Little
2809                                                        Faye & Vic Sharpe
2810                                                  Leitha Marsolais & sons Earl & Steve
2811                               Hart Stringfellow and Betty Vasiliadis
2812                                                   Bill & Muriel Pierson
2813                                           Warren & Nancy Graham
2814                                                   Bill & Elizabeth Reed
2815                                                              John & Toni Fry
2816                                      Bob Rawlins and Angus McDonald
2817                                                     Janet & Tom Murphree
2818                                      Chuck & Rhona Gorder
2819                                                         Ivan Himmel
2821                                                               Evelyn & Paul Riley
2822            Walt Spangenburg & Sonia Kazanjian (that's Evelyn Riley to the side)
2823                                                               Sally & ED Chapline
2824                                               Bob Jortberg and his son Bob Jr.
2825                                             Dan & Dottie Shockey
2826                                                         Ty & Bettye Dedman
2828                                        Mary White and Bob Lucy
2829                                 Tom Galbraith and Mary Ann Wright
2830                                          Gene and Dorothy Mulligan
2831                                                           Phil & Muggs Shutler
2832                                Tom & Kay Alexander
2835                                         Augie Albanese and Patricia Conklin
2838                                                             Carolyn Rardin
2839    Carolyn Banfield, Burt Kleinman, Mike Judge and Burt's daughter (Mike's wife) Lauri
2841                               Betty Carruth-we celebrated our 66th on June 7th
2842                       Pre-banquet  Happy Hour-that's Nick Castruccio in front
2843                                 Nan Baughman and her son Bob
2849                            Phil Rogers presents Roger Carlquist with thanks for his chairmanship
2850                &n