Class of 1948 Reunion Attendees at Annapolis
June 9 to June 12, 2008
In accordance with the sign up sheet
Abel, Joan Ahern, Rose
Albanese, Augi & Patricia Alexander, Tom and Kay
Ambrogi, Richard and Janelee Anderson, Gordon and Elaine
Andrus, Harold Bacon, Kitty
Barnes, Bill and Fay Bartow, Bill
Bass, Bill and Courtenay Baughman, Nan
Benton, Herb and Francoise Bevis, Ben
Borchert, Bill and Lois Boushee, Frank and Betty
Bradley, Tim and Nancy Braley, Chuck and Goodie
Buhrer,Don and Marion Callahan, Jim & Cathleen Jacobs
Carlon, Brandon & Eleanor Carlquist, Roger and Amante
Carruth, Dave and Betty Castruccio, Nick and Anne
Chapline, Ed and Sally Chipman, Bill & Marie
Christoph, Chris and Gerry Clark, Bill and Ann
Conable, Jack & Louise Conroy, Ben and Toni
Corley, Frank and Jean Cummings, Edward and Mary
Curl, Bob and Glenna Curl, Joseph and Betty
Davis, Nicholas and Beatrice Dawson, Tom and Joelle
Dedman, Tyler and Bettye Duffee, Cecil & Martha
Duncan, Tony and Patty Fry, John and Toni
Gaffigan, John and Mary Ellen Galbraith, Tom and Mary Ann
Geiger, Robert and Sibyl Goodwin, George & Fran
Gorder, Charles and Rhona Graham, Warren and Nancy
Hall, Don & Betty Hanlon, Kevin & Joanne
Harkins, Bill and Grace Hartshorn, David and Mary
Harvey, Don and Debbie Haskell, Art and Marge
Hayward, Tom and Peggy Heid, Charlie and Marguerite
Hogg, Rosemary Holstein, Leila
Holt, Ted and Erline Hurt, Dave
Ikard, Bill and Alda Jaccodine, Ralph and Catherine
Kanzler, Bill and Jinnie Kern, John &Julie Kern Coates
Kleinman, Burt & Caroly Banfield Klinefelter, Jack
Lochner, Jean Lucy, Bob and Mary White
Manganaro, Carol McClinton, Bob and Gunvor
McCord, John and Mary McDonald, Angus and Mavis
Mellencamp, Jim and Ginny Mertz, Charles & Jean
Murphree, Tom & Janet Nelson, Perry and Grace
OíConnor, Tom and Alice Olson, Craig
Ortland, Warren and Barbara Palmer, Gerry & Ann
Parish, George and Jeanne Perkins, John & Ellie
Pierson, Bill and Lulu Prichard, Reuben
Rardin,Carolyn Rasmussen, John and Dolly
Rauch, Chick and Esther Rawlins, Bob
Reams, Nancy Reed, Bill and Elizabeth
Riley, Paul and Evelyn Robertson, Dick and Tut
Rogers, Phil and Patsy Rose, Mike and Marilyn
Ross, Don & Mauline Rubenstein, Richard
Sharpe, Victor and Faye Shutler, Phil and Margaret
Sibert, Boyd and Ann Sisson, Bing and Anne Marie
Sizer, Jim and Mary Anne Smith, Bob & Helga
Spangenberg, Walt and Sonia Kazanjian Stacy, Ed and Mary
Strong, Lee and Elizabeth Sullivan, George and Ann Adair
Terrass, Milford White, Warren
Wilson, Ken and Shirley Wright, George, Catherine (Sister)
†††† & Granddaughter
Total 197
Note from Dave Carruth:
I suspect that there were people who just forgot to sign in when they picked up their
name tags.We could not use the left over name tags as a count because a goodly
number of people wore their name tags from previous reunions.
Attendee additions.
Checking with local area attendees the following people were seen at the reunion but
for whatever reason did not get on the sign in sheets:
Frank & Dottie Fogarty
John & Barbara Herlihy
John & Peg Holland
Frank & Delores Lally
Andy & Betty McIntyre
We also believe that Harvey & Evinda Johnson and Ed & Jean Pickell were on hand
but havenít been able to confirm as of this writing.