PHOTOS - GROUP 3 - Annapolis 60th Reunion - June 9 through June 12, 2008

Photos were for this group were submitted by Tony Duncan, James Mellencamp and Tom O'Connor.
The photographers are identified by a code in the lower left under the photo as follows:
     Duncan          dunc-nnnn
     Mellencamp   mell-nnn
    O'Connor       tcon-nnn

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Note: In their goal to get as many pictures as possible, our photographers did not have time to identify all of the people in the pictures. If you can identify any of these please notify the webmaster ( Please refer to the Photo Group number listed at the top of this page and then the identification number in the lower left corner (example "Group 1, carr-682") and then list the people from left to right.
dunc-0013                                                                 Marion & Don Buhrer
dunc-0014                                                     John Kern & Daughter Julie
dunc-0015                                                   Tom Alexander
dunc-0016                                        Foreground - Ted and Erlene Holt
dunc-0017                                   Jean Mertz, Patty Duncan, Anne Castruccio
dunc-0018                                                           Bill Bartow, Patty Duncan
dunc-0021                            Bob Smith, Bill Reed
dunc-0022                Nick Castruccio, Rube Prichard
dunc-0024                    George Sullivan, Marion Buhrer
dunc-0025                         George Sullivan, Marion Buhrer
dunc-0029                                                    Hank Corley, Chris Christoph
dunc-0030                                         Jean & Hank Corley, Chris Christoph
dunc-0031                         Rosemary Hogg, Patty & Tony Duncan
dunc-0032                                                Betty Hall, Bill Bartow
dunc-0033                                    Rose Ahern, Rosemary Hogg
dunc-0034                                     Rose Ahern
dunc-0037                                                    George Sullivan
dunc-0038                                Bill Bartow
dunc-0039                                                                Patty & Tony Duncan
dunc-0040                                           Toni Fry
dunc-0042                                  John & Peg Holland
dunc-0044                                                    Dave Carruth
dunc-0045                    Jack McCord, Betty & Dave Carruth, Marion & Don Buhrer
dunc-0046                                                  Gunvor McClinton
dunc-0048                                         Alda & Ike Ikard, Cecil Duffee
dunc-0049                        Nick & Anne Castruccio
dunc-0050                                                   Bill & Fay Barnes
dunc-0051                                                               Warren & Fay Ortland
dunc-0052                                                       Warren & Fay Ortland
tcon-000                     Robertson, O'Connor, Sharpe, Kern, Carlquist
tcon-001                                           Betty and Dave Carruth with Cathy Jortberg
tcon-002                                 Tent for Gate Dedication
tcon-003                                              Tom Hayward
tcon-004                                      Barbara and Warren Ortland
tcon-006                           Don Buhrer and Warren Graham
tcon-007                                   Mary Lane and David Hartshorn
tcon-008                        Leila Holstein and Mary Lane Hartshorn
tcon-009                              Amante and Roger Carlquist with Leila Holstein
tcon-010                                            Vic and Faye Sharpe