Annapolis 60th Reunion Notes - June 9 to June 12, 2008

Reported by Dave Carruth on June 16th


From all the inputs I am receiving the Reunion went off in excellent manner and all attending had a great time. We can thank these men (and their wives) for this: Phil Rogers, Don Buhrer, Charlie Heid, Roger Carlquist and Warren Graham. Well done gentlemen.

As of this moment the count looks like just about 200 people were here. The only slightly down side was the heat which made the picnic tent pretty darned warm. One classmate had to be taken to the ER but they rehydrated him, released him about 1800 and he did make the dinner dance the following night.

The arrival reception gave all but the really late arrivals a chance to circulate and catch up on friendships. The food was very good and I don’t think anyone had to seek out a dinner before going to bed.

On Tues. morning Jim Cheevers, Senior Curator at the USNA Museum, gave a presentation on “The Navy in Annapolis before USNA”. We have been privileged to have Jim speak to us at the last reunion and at one of our luncheons in DC. He is really an excellent speaker and his subjects hold everyone’s attention. The Class meeting went well and Dean Miller gave a very good presentation. When asked about the current passing grade of 2.0 vice the 2.5 which we have engraved on our rings he explained that when they shifted to the alphabetical grading system to be inline with national academia the 2.0 (C) resulted. Unfortunately we have just learned that Dean Miller plans to retire next year and the Superintendent has just formed a search committee to find his replacement.

On Wednesday some folks took the Discover Annapolis Bus Tour which they reported was good. YP rides were also successful and the refurbished gate dedication went very well, the temps had dropped so it was quite comfortable under the tent. At the conclusion of the dedication we managed a rendition of Blue and Gold (the old version) followed by a rousing BEAT ARMY. You can see how nice the “new” gate looks in the pictures posted on our home page.

Virtually all of us had a new experience at the dinner dance when we got to see the Carrington Room at the Stadium (2 nd deck) and then had dinner and danced in the Stadium Banquet Room, yes! Some of us do still try to dance. What is it Frank Sinatra says, “Romance with me on a crowded floor? And while the music plays what romantic things I’ll be saying, for what is dance but making love set to music playing.” Betty and I thought this was appropriate since we celebrated our 61 st on 7 June having been married by Chaplain Wuebbens at 1500 in the upper Chapel in 1947. (That was the earliest time I could get.) I’m certain there were several other anniversaries which fell within the reunion days. Good show! The dinner was good and of course the company was superb.

I will be sending a bunch of pictures to John for posting on our home page so check it out. I’m making no attempt to identify the people in the pictures so you’ll have to do that yourselves. I know that a lot of you also took pictures so please send them to me and I’ll send them along to John or send them direct .

Sorry more of you couldn’t have made it because there may not be another one.