Annapolis 60th Reunion

Reunion Notes by Dave Carruth - June 16, 2008


Reunion Photos
 Because of the large number of photos (300) we posted them in numerous groups to minimize downloading time and to reduce computer memory problems

Group 1 Photos   (Photographer: Dave Carruth)
Group 2 Photos   (Photographer: Dave Carruth)
Group 3 Photos   (Photographers: Tony Duncan, James Mellencamp and Tom O"Connor)
Group 4 Photos   (Photographers: Bill Clark and Eileen Proulx**)
Group 5 Photos   (Photographer: Eileen Proulx**)
Group 6 Photos   (Photographer: Eileen Proulx**)
Group 7 Photos   (Photographers: Eileen Proulx**, Poodle Benton [Herb Benton's spouse] and                            Rhona Gorder [Chuck's spouse])

Photo Index (Alphabetical by classmate and guest names)

**Note: Ms. Proulx is the Alumni Association Class Support/Reunion Coordinator.